If You Support the Outgames, You Can’t Support the Gay Games?

Little did we know that having two major Olympic-style athletic competitions would be a problem for homosexuals. But with both the Outgames and the Gay Games going on, some groups find themselves being forced to take sides. Like children. Instead of realizing what a boon it is to have not one BUT TWO major sporting events for queers.

Leave it to the whiny queers of Team San Francisco to find the need to issue a press release bashing the Outgames, produced by the Gay & Lesbian International Sports Association, as it declares its allegiance to the Gay Games. These guys do realize that Outgames and Gay Games are actually merging their efforts in 2018, right?

Team San Francisco reaffirms its historical commitment to the long established and internationally recognized Gay Games as the preeminent quadrennial global LGBT multi-sport and cultural event. We believe unity behind the Gay Games is an effective and visible means of empowerment, and that continuation of the World Outgames would constitute a dilution of finite resources and a detriment to our community. Therefore, Team SF cannot and will not support any future World Outgames, and we welcome our fellow athletes and artists from across the globe to join us at the Gay Games.

I’m in full agreement with Outsports‘s Cyd Zeigler Jr. here. Who knows what politics are involved with Team SF’s reasoning, but how silly and juvenile for anyone to actively attack an organized on-going sporting event that brings together and celebrates our community — as if having more than one somehow diminishes the potential for either.

It doesn’t. Now hit the showers.

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  • kevin

    For some reason I have blue fabric fuzz all over my face……

  • Eric Thor

    Never knew there was such an industry for sports. “Gay & Lesbian International Sports Association” really an organization like that exists. It great that it does, and its great that there are two gay Olympic things, just very surprising.

  • DR (the real one, not the guy who made post #12)

    While I do agree that resources are thin (especially for the athletes who have to pay their own way) and wonder why we need two games, this was not the right way to approach it.

  • Qjersey

    Didn’t Out Games start to begin with because of some pissing contest about where to hold the Gay Games?

    I love and enjoy donating my time to our communities. But I am continually disgusted with the selfish “my issues” centered way queer politics operate. Always some angry person demanding representation or some off the hook PC attempt to be inclusive by adding more letters to LGBT.

    Don’t let your kid “TP” someones house. The freaks in SF will protest in front of Your house because your kids disrespected the environment. If they could only channel their rage and anger into useful progressive tactics on relevant issues.

    We make the democrats looks like republicans.

  • Ted B.

    Since the two groups are unifying in 2018, this shouldn’t be an issue, soon. Otherwise, they should just alternate years like the Winter and Summer Olympics.

  • fredo777

    I’m way too distracted by that particular angle of the swimmer photographed.

  • Joe

    The FGG awarded the 2006 gay games to Montreal, but the Montreal organizers got in a pissing match with the FGG over the organization (Montreal was being unrealistic in its participation estimates and FGG was worried that Montreal would be yet another in a string of fiscally irresponsible gay games that were nothing more than a masked circuit party). The resulting breakdown ended with a switch of host cities to Chicago. The Montreal organizers decided to go give the finger to FGG by creating Outgames and trying to siphon off as many participants to their event. Since the FGG was primarily an American organization and the new host was in the US, the Montreal organizers used anti-Americanism to deter participants from the real gay games in Chicago (this was at the height of international frustration with the Bush administration). Montreal cooked the books wrt its participation numbers and the entire thing became a financial mess as FGG had predicted. The Chicago games, despite being called in at the last minute to save the event and having almost no time to completely organize, were a moderate success.

    Since the, Outgames has tried to organize similar games, with very little success. The Copenhagen games were… meh.

    There simply aren’t enough high calibre gay athletes to support two nearly identical sporting tournaments every couple of years. Thankfully, it appears that Outgames is throwing in the towel after 2018.

    Can you support both? I suppose. But when you know the origins of the Outgames, it becomes clear why you shouldn’t.

  • Tackle

    Count me in as another who is distrcated by that incredible backside. I konw this is off the subject, Does anyone know who the athlete is?

  • David

    Huh . . . sorta like back in the 1960s and ’70s bodybuilders had the AAU on one side and the IFBB on the other, each organization run by egocentric executives bent on beating the other organization into submission.

    As my dermatologist once quipped, “It’s meaningless tripe that doesn’t boil down to anything.”

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