If You Thought Paris Hilton Was Bad, Wait Until You Meet Her Homophobic Younger Brother Conrad III

Screen Shot 2015-02-06 at 3.45.29 PMFile this under news that should shock no one: Paris Hilton’s younger brother Conrad is an entitled brat.

On a recent flight from London to Los Angeles, Conrad, 20, caused so much of a ruckus that he’s now facing Federal charges for threatening the flight crew and smoking aboard the plane.

He also made children cry with his profanity-laced tirades and called everyone who dared be annoyed by his antics “peasants.” Which might not be illegal, but are certainly grade-A douchey.

Oh, and he also almost punched a fellow male passenger who he thought was giving him “fuck me” eyes. Because that’s apparently the appropriate response to a guy checking him out.

Expect a reality show soon to come.

The Washington Post detailed the embarrassment in surprising detail.

Here are the juicy parts: 

  • “‘I told all of them I could get all of their jobs taken away in less than thirty seconds,’ Hilton said, according to the complaint, as he recalled his interactions with flight attendants.”
  • “‘My father will pay this out, he has done it before. Dad paid $300,000 last time,’ Hilton allegedly said.”
  • “Hilton apparently began smoking marijuana in one bathroom, then ran to another bathroom and began smoking a cigarette after apparently stuffing the smoke detector with paper towels.”

If convicted, Hilton could face up to 20 years in prison.

Hah! Almost got that out with with a straight face. We expect four moths probation at maximum.

Somewhere in a very tastefully appointed Hollywood office, a publicist is likely talking about how this is a “great opportunity” for his career.