If Zach Wahls Couldn’t Convince Iowa Lawmakers Not To Ban Gay Marriage, Nothing Will

Well isn’t Zach Wahls, the 19-year-old college student son of two lesbian mothers, just terrific? He spoke yesterday before the Iowa State House, trying to convince lawmakers not to approve a bill that would let voters ban gay marriage and civil unions. Which they did.

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  • malcanoid

    I hope he received a standing ovation. He certainly deserved one.

  • Andy

    Gays and friends beg for rights. You gain rights with fists though.

  • Shannon1981

    This made me cry, and that isn’t easy to do…

  • Ian

    The right just doesn’t care. They’re either on the one side hate-mongering bigots or on the other see gay rights as a wedge issue to be used as a commodity to stir up votes for re-election purposes.

  • scott ny'er

    kudos to Zach. I did get a little teary eyed.

  • aalan brickman

    What awesome young man…Put him on Ellen!…

  • ProfessorVP

    “After awl.. dat’s what makes a fam’ly.” I had no idea that was the dialect spoken around the corn fields, but he is intelligent, persuasive, beyond attractive. Still, do we judge the civil rights issue of marriage equality on the basis of how the kids turn out? Straight couples have nothing to prove. As far as I’m concerned, the issue is strictly constitutional. Eh, dat’s how it should be! (Ech, I’m gonna tawk like dis awl day.)

  • Talking With

    Here’s a TV interview we just did with Zach where he talks about what it was like growing up with two mothers, what led him to decide to go and speak before the House of Representatives, how his life has changed after being thrust into the public eye, and what other young people can do to fight for equality and speak out against intolerance.


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