Ignoring Coach’s Criticism, Vikings’ Chris Kluwe Gets More Active In Gay Rights

Chris-Kluwe-gay-marriageLGBT advocate Chris Kluwe got a ding from one of his coaches for speaking out so much, but the Minnesota Vikings punter isn’t letting that stop him from standing up for the gay community.

Kluwe has been announced as the first pro athlete “Ally Ambassador” for Athlete Ally, a group dedicated to making organized sports a more welcoming environment for LGBT people.

“When I founded Athlete Ally, the vision was for straight athletes to stand up for and respect gay athletes, because it’s the right thing to do,” says the group’s direct, Hudson Taylor. “Chris Kluwe epitomizes this vision and will help us take our efforts to more people.”

Last week, Vikings assistant coach Mike Priefer said he hoped Kluwe would lay off the attention-getting proclamations, which have ranged from marriage equality to inductees in the Football Hall of Fame.

We don’t see Chris piping down any time soon—thank goodness.

Feature photo: Out magazine

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  • Redpalacebulleaglesox

    That coach would rather get the attention than his players. Since the stars of that team are Adrian Peterson and Chris Kluwe, that coach needs to watch himself lest he become an ex-coach.

  • Taliaferro

    Kluwe appears to be an intelligent and informed young man and one in a position to do some good. I applaud his actions and hope that he will continue them in future. His coach should be proud rather than censorious.

  • Jack T

    When we have a RESPECTED role model to our youth, his voice for respect for the LGBT community is a big deal. The team cannot muzzle an advocate, such as Chris Kluw.
    After all the suicides of the at risk youth, how can we not ADVOCATE the anti-bullying
    campaign and respect youth? Can’t the nay sayers see the good that this man can do? His integrity and courageousness should be a beacon to other players to voice their support and decry the suicides that the Pro Sports team owners have ignored. The players and coaches can change the attitude towards the marginalized youth who need all the support we can give them. When there are respected role models, athletes who speak out against bullying and for treating others with respect then they can change hearts and minds.

  • Donald

    When Chris was in the 10th grade, he took the SAT and got a PERFECT score..
    He then went to UCLA (not easy to get into) where he graduated with
    two (2) majors. I think the coach has picked on the wrong person.
    Go Chris!!!

  • mlbumiller

    The coach should be told to shut his hole. What a player advocates for on his own time is the player’s business as long he does not break any part of his contract or league rules.

  • balehead

    Is the coach a closet case???

  • NoelG

    @mlbumiller: I agree with this mostly however I
    know of at least one instance where Kluwe did violate league policy.
    I applaud Kluwe but when he breaks team or league rules, the coach has a right to
    weigh in.

  • FStratford

    The whole idea that Chris should focus on punting instead of activism is something that a can only come from someone against equality. I say that because the premise is based on a two fallacies: that 1) Chris Kluwe is underperforming as a punter and 2) activism prevents someone from performing well as a punter. Both premises are false. Which goes to show that all the assistant coach wants to do is to muzzle Chris and is falsely using football as a “reason” for doing so.

    I was living in Minnesota until a month ago and I wont be surprised if this coach is a homophobe. He doesn’t feel comfortable that one of his stars is vocal against inequality? Well tough.

  • John Doe

    I read the article (linked to above) and that news story talks about various things Kluwe has done that were getting him in trouble… but this Queerty article doesn’t mention those things. The jersey patch? The fine? Challenging the NFL establishment?

    I think it is overplaying things to assert the criticism towards Kluwe has to do with his advocacy being LGT related. The coach mostly wants (it appears) to ensure that Kluwe puts all of his focus on the game…. not on the other things that he is getting involved in.

    My take on it… and I’m not even a sports nut.

  • MikeE

    @John Doe: dude, you name three things Kluwe is supposed to have done… “the jersey patch? the fine? challenging the NFL establishment?”…. sorry, but that is ALL one single incident.

    The coach is being an asshat.

    Kluwe does his job impeccably.

    It’s not like being a football player requires him to concentrate on his job 24/7. It’s a fricken game, for god’s sake. He has lots of time outside of that to do whatever the hell he feels is right, and the coach should shut his piehole, because it’s none of that coach’s business.

    If Kluwe were underperforming, then the coach might have a point. The exact opposite is the case.

    I say “Go Chris!”

    He’s my hero.

  • mlbumiller

    @NoelG: you state he broke league rule but then do not state what rule he broke.

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