Imam Outrage Over Sarajevo Gay Fest

Two Bosnian imams are in an absolute tizzy over a gay film and art festival going down in Sarajevo next month.

Seid Smajkic and Sulejman Bulgari of Mostar are not only angry that the gays are going to flaunt their stuff, but they’re doing so during the holy month of Ramadan, a big holiday in Bosnia, which is 85% Muslim.

While they don’t advocate violence, the men have come out to condemn the homo happenings:

“We will not grab them by the neck on the street, but we have to say: This is immoral … a promotion of ideas that are in violation with religion,” Seid Smajkic, an imam from the southern city of Mostar, was quoted as saying in Friday’s Dnevni Avaz, a daily newspaper.

Another local imam, Sulejman Bulgari, said on television Thursday night that the Quran forbids homosexuality and that the holy book is clear about that.

Several posters have appeared in the streets of Sarajevo this week, saying “Death to Gays.” Police quickly removed them.

Slobodanka Dakic, an activist of the Bosnian Q Association, a festival organizer that promotes gay, lesbian, bisexual and transsexual rights, said there was no plan to antagonize anyone. But she also said the event will not be canceled nor rescheduled because of Ramadan.

Bosnia is supposed to be a secular society in which events are not planned according to religious calendars, she said at a news conference in Mostar.

Mustafa Ceric, the leader of the Islamic Community in Bosnia, has remained mum on the matter.