Immigrants Commit 2 Out of Every 3 Gay Bashings in Amsterdam

A study by the University of Amsterdam has found that ethnic Netherlanders are commit more hate crimes against gay and lesbians than other groups. Home Affairs Minister Guusje ter Horst said “It is a serious problem and more extensive than we had thought…Homophobic violence is very serious and must be completely eradicated.” [NIS News]

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  • Qjersey

    Your headline misrepresents what was reported in the linked article. 2 of 3 crimes reported were committed by non-white “immigrants,” However, nothing in the linked article reported any statistics that would justify the phrase “are far more likely to.” Such a statement would require that statistical analyses has been reported using logistic regression or chi-square statistics.

    Yeah I gots one of dose PhD thingys in a field that uses “more likely to” for statistical reporting.

  • Japhy Grant

    @Qjersey: A distinction we were previously unaware of. Corrected and thanks.

  • Charles J. Mueller

    And who, pray tell, might these “Immigrants” be?

    Little red men from Mars, Venusians, aliens from outer space, Hobbits…who….WHO? Tell us, please.

    Or are we going to observe political correctness right up to the last homosexual having been beaten or murdered in Holland before we break the code of silence?

    Protecting the identity and rights of violent Immigrants takes precedence over protecting the taxpaying, law-abiding citizenry of the Netherlands?

    They’re breaking the law, for crying out loud, inciting violence, attacking people and murdering them by the dozens, in their host country, no less. Ship these monsters back from whence they came. It’s nothing short of violence and murder with impunity!

    No one dares to breathe the identity of people who kill their sisters and daughters, simply for suffering the indignity of being raped, as if there was anything the poor victim might have been able to do about it or protect herself.

    No one dares to comment on a macho society that treats women as chattel.

    No one dares to comment on religious zealots who hunt down gay people like animals for the purpose of beating them up or killing them just so they can attain their 16 virgins in the hereafter.

    Talk about the ultimatre maccho trip.

    Mentioning name, however, might just get you labeled as a racist. And that would be justification for the likes of these kinds of people to kill you too., wouldn’t it?

    Is this not terrorism? And our religious wing-nuts are spreading the vicious rumor that gays in America are terrorists?

    When did total insanity become a way of life on this planet?

  • Charles J. Mueller


    And when can we expect you to inform us that these attacks are not really happening at all and are just being made-up to garner “sympathy” for the GLBT community?

  • Tom

    @Charles J. Mueller:
    I just wonder if you are rabid in your condemnation of Americans when they kill and gay- bash other Americans. I doubt it. Its so chic to attack an entire group of people based on their ethnicity and religion.

    I have no love for gay bashers and murderers of any stripe, but I do know how to refrain from over-generalizations and I certainly do not engage in one form of bigotry to attack a different form of bigotry.

  • Londonite

    @Charles J. Mueller:

    If you want to know who they are, read the article. 36% from a Dutch background, 36% from a Moroccan background and 28% other ethnic background.

    Most of the gay-bashers are born in the Netherlands and are Dutch citizens.
    So sending them back would sending back to the Netherlands.

    The report clearly states that “Religious motives played practically no role in anti-gay violence”
    So, in this case, you can leave religion out of it.

    It is a Dutch, streetcrime/antisocial behaviour problem. So it needs to be solved in the Netherlands with the appropriate measures

  • diago

    They may not be yelling allah akbar or god hates fags when hitting gays, but to think that their religion which teaches that gays are an abomination has nothing to do with gay bashing is ridiculous.

  • chuck


    Yes. I am, in, fact as rabid in my condemnation of Americans when they kill and gay-bash other Americans.

    Violence is wrong. It doesn’t matter who’s behind it.

  • chuck


    I’d like to read the article. Do you have the link that supports the statistics you posted?

  • chuck


    I never cease to be amazed by the sheer number of gays who gloss over that fact with such stunning frequency and speak glowing of those who would be their kidnappers/inquisitors.

    The Stockholm Syndrome in all of it’s murky, tragic beauty.

  • Phoenix (The Hippie Dippy Rainbow Warrior, Not the Pale One)

    Racist rant by Churchhill-y in 3…2…1…

  • Willie Hewes

    It’s not their religion, these guys generally aren’t very religious at all, they could give a damn what their Imam says.

    They’re homophobic all on their own selves. People aren’t homophobic because their religion is, religion is homophobic because people are. Specifically: straight male people. You know, the kind that tends to run the show in religious organisations.

  • Jaroslaw

    Willie – religion has nothing to do with it? Where have you been?

    FYI – I read in a reputable source that escapes me now that the Netherland’s immigration officials for some time now have been showing, among other things, photos of same sex couples holding hands to potential immigrants. The idea is that Holland is an inclusive country and if that doesn’t suit them, they may want to look elsewhere. No idea on actually how long they’ve been doing this – not long enough per the headline here apparently.

  • Jeff

    “A study by the University of Amsterdam has found that ethnic Netherlanders are commit more hate crimes against gay and lesbians than other groups.”

    Is “ethnic” really the best word here? At first I interpreted it to mean native Netherlanders, until I saw that referred to immigrants. It implies that white people don’t have an ethnicity, and that therefore “ethnic people” are non-whites. Just thought it was kind of strange…

  • Scrufff

    It’s not so much about Muslim religion its about their dominate male culture.

    I usually don’t leave comments, but I’ve had some personal experiences regarding gay bashing Muslims. First of, I’m half Arab on my dad’s side. he is in no way religious. growing up we didn’t attend a mosque, i had no Islamic teachings or upbringing and i don’t speak a word of Arabic. that said when i was 14 and came out to my parents, my dad at first seemed to take it well, that was until i was alone with him. once alone, he told me that i was to fuck white “bitches” but later would be put into an arranged marriage with a nice Muslim girl. when i balked, he whipped off his boot and beat my face to a pulp with the boot’s heal. when he left me bleeding on the floor, he told me that if i tried to runaway he would find me and kill me. up to this point my father had NEVER showed any sign of this kind of violence. He was stern but had never hit me or my sister before.

    its more shocking because this is from a man who had lived most of his life outside of his place of birth in the west, had married a western women and for all appearances had adopted an American way of life.

    His homophobia was/is rooted in the Arab culture’s sense of patriarchy. its about marrying and having boys to pass on the family name. to understand this importance, once a man has a boy child, he stops using given first name and starts to being called Abu-?, which translates to father of the . So the big issues was that by coming out as a gay man (or as it were gay kid,) i would probably not be fathering a boy to pass on my dad’s name. Personally i think my dad issues has less to do with “gay” has it has with the fact that his family line (has his culture defines it) will not be passed on.

  • Scrufff

    …which translates to: father of 1st son’s name.

  • Charles J. Mueller


    Wow. Your story IS, indeed, shocking…and very sad as well. I am so sorry that you had to suffer that…in America, no less. What a control trip. It only adds credence to the mot, “Old ideas die hard”.

    I saw a film back in 1991, (available on DVD) called “Not Without My Daughter, starring Sally Field that addresses itself to the issues you just enumerated.

    Given your background, you might just like to check it out for accuracy and let the rest of us know your thoughts on it.

    As we all know, movies and the media love to put their own spin on things.

  • James Ashburn

    It is NON-IMMIGRANTS committing the hate crimes. Everyone assumed or generalized that it was the immigrants or 2nd generation immigrants, e.g. Moroccans, Turks, etc…You should change your headline to NON-IMMIGRANTS.

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