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  • alan brickman

    What do people see in NPH??? He is one ugly pissy munt…..

  • alan brickman

    An bitter gossipy a-lister for sure…do we need this defining what gay people are all about!!

  • OrchidIslander

    My tepid, at best, respect for him has just taken a hit.

  • Mr. Enemabag Jones

    Actually, number 7 suprises me. For some reason I always assumed celebs weren’t that obsessed with the internet like the rest of us. I have a hard time imagining NPH doing vanity searches.

  • Goodnight Moon

    this cinched it for me-NPH is now officially a tool

  • justiceontherocks

    Did “be a good parent” show up in there anywhere? Might be a good idea for a new father.

  • Franco

    I think NPH is suffering from overexposure. He needs to take a step back and evaluate his ego.

  • DC Guy

    LOL – NPH no where near the A list, never will be – he’s a grown up child actor who is on a mediocre CBS Friends wannabe with an ensemble cast. He does Smurf movies and award shows – jeesh. He has somehow become the patron saint of gay since he was outed. Unreal…

  • Gregger

    Guys, get a grip. He’s not Reichen Lehmkuhl nor is he Mother Theresa. In a business full of evil queens NPH is just a little snarky.

  • Robin

    If NPH thinks he’s half the man that Eric Braeden is than he’s sadly mistaken. How can he dis a star of Mr. Braeden’s magnitude when his true claim to fame is “Doogie Howser, M.D.” I never watched the show but the premise itself was inane. I’ve actually tried to watch “Mother” and think the person who said it was a “Friend’s wannabee was being kind”. The show stinks. I couldn’t find a character worth investing in…and it’s lead in was “Two 1/2 Men” — which was the only reason I watched the one time. Eric Braeden is a talented ACTOR he doesn’t need the “fame” that Doogie thinks he has.

  • Oh boy

    He is acting like prick. Sounds like his head has gotten big. He is not all that. Stop being a douche you’re a father now.

  • Dick

    @Robin: Wow, you’ve really got to be great actor with credits like Herbie Goes to Monte Carlo .
    I liked him better when he was still using his real name Hans Gudegast.

  • That Bitch Téa Delgado

    Ah, I see, the backlash has begun….

  • Josh

    Huh. By the reqctions here, you’d think his resolutions included:

    – eat a baby, but not mine, cause he’s my ticket to gay fame.
    – kick a puppy. Bonus if his owner is a little girl and I make her cry.
    – beat up some faggot for not being as cool as me.
    – eat a bunch of pussy and never call a single girl back, just like tha lt character I play!
    – demand a museum to document the atrocities committed by the Jews…LIKE EVERY BAD THING EVER!!!!
    – vote republican. Again.

    Or something otherwise deserving of the level of scorn in these responses.

    Instead, I read a set of resolutions that we could all take a cue from, delivered in short, spare entries that still had a sense of humor.

    To the person complaining that he didn’t make a resolution about his kid…why would he? Resolutions are about changing for the better. Are you implying he’s a bad parent and should resolve to be a better one? He’s a new father. I would imagine he has already made all the best resolutions every new father makes. But then, I prefer to think well of people I’ve never met and know nothing about beyond tabloid news.

    And to the oh-so-righteous defender of Eric Braeden, I have only one question:


    I seriously had to look him up because I’m not a middle-aged housewife or a shut in.

    Let’s put it in perspective – Eric Braeden has been steadily working for a long time. That’s worthy of a lot of respect, for sure. But if you asked ANYONE off the street who was who, the majority could name Neil in a heartbeat and would have no clue about Mr. Braeden. For good or ill, Neil is a bigger name than Mr. Braeden. Deal with it.

    I know next to nothing about NPH, because I don’t watch much tv anymore. I remember him as a young, earnest actor many years ago (thought he was gay then, so’d my mom) and more recently returning to attention in Harold & Kumar, playing a parody of young Hollywood.

    Funny, charming, handsome?
    Sure. But so’re a lot of guys.

    Famous and rich?
    Sure, if that’s your thing.

    Now, after reading his list, and reading YOU peoples’ responses to it, I just think he’s a lucky guy, with a sweet looking family, and he looks happy. Not Hollywood happy, but happy. So I’m happy for this guy I know next to nothing about.

    And I’m sad for the state of the world if this is an example of how we treat our own. Why is it so hard to treat others how you want to be treated? Don’t we get out of life what we put into it?

    Jealousy is an ugly thing and I, for one, think it’s better to share in the small happinesses than to spread around the bitterness.

  • Brendon

    I prefer actors who do their jobs and act. Shut up about your personal lives, your kids, your tweets, etc. Just do your job and entertain us – keep your lives private – you’ll stay out of trouble.

  • adman

    I figured out I was gay watching Eric Breadan in my mother’s soaps. He always gave me a tingly feeling and then when I saw him smooching that Nicky chick in one episode wearing a speedo, well, that was how I realized. NPH is toying with my first TV Daddy? I think not miss thang! Breadan is sexy in ways, even at his age, that NPH will never be unfortunately.

  • ousslander

    Before being on soaps, he killed cornelius and zera

  • Trent

    god, what has happened to him? sad.

  • He-man

    Given @David Ehrenstein: Given the superior career stature Mr. Spacey has, I’d say he is making the smarter moves here.

  • afrolito

    Total DOUCHE.

    Why do people refer to others as ‘aging’?…as if it’s not happening to them, with every breath they take.

  • Scottie

    Holy shit, this guy made a douchey move, Neil exploded, calmed down, and is now joking about it.

    How about you guys all stop flipping shit over a fucking twitter post?

  • agadore

    Jeez, take a deep breath people. Has anybody ever seen NPH on a talk show? He doesn’t take himself seriously, so why should you?

  • Scotty

    Seriously guys.We’re talking a soap star and a C lister.Bigger issues to worry on.

  • Goodnight Moon

    @afrolito: precisely, afrolito. spot on response.

  • OrchidIslander

    @Scottie: Perhaps the concept of a “comments” section challenges you. Just as we have the right to post our take on presented articles,you have the right not to read them. It’s particularly difficult to be holier than thou, when your own comment forces upon us your apparent “shit” fetish….

  • alan brickman


  • LGB

    I thought it was funny, he knows he upset people and he’s making a joke out of his (Alleged) screw up. Honestly I don’t get why so many people are pissed at NPH, he was right that how Eric acted was pretty douchey, he acted like a 2 line scene was beneath him when in reality he’s a soap opera actor. There’s an old saying most actors understand “There’s no small roles, only small actors” and Eric acted like a 2 line scene was beneath a man of his alleged stature… sorry but on the Hollywood totem pole Neil is way higher than Eric, it’s just reality

  • Reds

    @LGB: Not so sure on totem; let’s hope NPH turns down some award show gigs and aviods the cartoon movies.

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