In New Hampshire, NOM By Any Other Name Smells Just As Disgusting

Brian Brown, Maggie Gallagher and the rest of the creeps at the National Organization for Marriage just can’t take no for an answer. After their efforts to repeal New Hampshire’s marriage-equality law failed, they’ve started campaigning to make a “powerful impact” on the next election cycle.

Except they’ve gone undercover and got NOM lobbyist Mike Dennehy to start a nebulous front group called Families Across New Hampshire (FANH).

“They can try to re-invent themselves by claiming a new, friendlier-sounding name, but their mission is still the same—to tear apart loving New Hampshire families,” said Sean Owen, chair of New Hampshire Republicans for Freedom and Equality, an across-the-aisle campaign to ensure same-sex couples in NH kept the right to marry.

Dennehy, a former senior advisor to John McCain, expects his new PAC will spend $150,000 to push a “pro-family” agenda in the ballot box and through public-service announcements.

How come these pro-family groups always just fixate on LGBT people and abortion? How about education, healthcare, product safety, economics and other issues that actually, y’know, impact families?

“Too often, the politicians in Concord focus exclusively on the budget to measure the relative health” of the state, Dennehy told the Union Leader. “They forget that the vibrancy of the family is the true measure of our strength.”

So we should dump things like the consumer-confidence index and the Dow Jones Industrial Average in favor of looking at divorce rates?

Insisting FANH will have “no affiliation” with NOM, Dennehy also claims his group won’t just be a GOP clusterfuck, saying “we will support pro-family Democrats as well.” But a look at FANH’s board reveals it includes former Republican mayor  Tony Giunta, New Hampshire Federation of Republican Women prez Verity Swayne, former New Hampshire Republican Party executive director Jen Wrobleski, and Christine Peters, president of the Souhegan Valley Republican Women and past president of the New Hampshire Federation of Republican Women.

Oh yeah, that’s bipartisan alright.