In Spring of 2012 You Will Seriously Consider Wearing a Giant Orange Flower-Blob As a Shirt

Belgian fashion designer/inspirational crazy person Walter Van Beirendonck thinks you don’t have enough ensembles made entirely of ruffly pastel tulle flowers. Because that’s a lot of what smirked down the runway at “Cloud 9,” his recent Paris show. And he’s right. Flowers are pretty and why aren’t you smothered in them right now?

Check out the LabDaily blog and you’ll enjoy a sample of the latest styles from The Island of Stuff That Makes For Great Fashion Week Editorial Coverage But That No Sane Person Will Ever Actually Wear (the full collection is on the designer’s own site).

Unless he already secretly owns the future, that is. And if that’s the case and he’s just sort of slowly getting us all used to how daily life will change when he rules over the planet and re-names it Van Beirendonckistan, then soon and very soon you will arrive at the office in vertically-slit sweaters, geometrically-patterned arm-leggings, sherbet green face makeup, sleeveless gingham blazers and giant identity-obscuring orange orbs that resemble edible candy topiary.

Look, for a decent pension plan and health care benefits you’d wear just about anything they told you to, admit it.

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  • Ian Awesome

    No. No I will not.

  • Rainfish

    Upon just looking at the photo initially, my first three guesses were:

    1) It’s the Elephant Man in a mohair sweater.

    2) A giant Tribble from Star Trek mating with Mr. Rodgers.

    3) Maggie Gallagher’s gargantuan cheesy-puffs crumb covered snatch running away from her recent defeat in New York.

    …I picked number three.

  • dvlaries

    Let’s see him/her get in the car and drive…?

    …Then walk into a bank and apply for a loan.

  • Dallas David

    What is wrong with these people?

  • Devington

    That’ll do fashion industry, that’ll do.

  • Dodgy

    in this even fat middle aged old me could look like a hottie!

  • fredo777

    Well, I do like Cheetos.

  • Shannon

    Leigh Bowery is rolling in his grave.

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