Meet Murs, The Latest Artist To Kick Down Hip-Hop’s Wall Of Homophobia

So, is 2012 the year that rap gets gay and gays get into rap? First Frank Ocean talked about falling for a dude, then Russell Simmons says “these types of secrets should not matter anymore,” and now Murs has a brand new video about a gay relationship gone sour.

That’s awesome! But wait—who’s Murs?

We will sheepishly admit that we are not exactly avid followers of the indie rap scene, so we had to scramble a bit to educate ourselves. Here’s a quick backgrounder on what we’ve learned so far:

* Alter ego: Nick Carter, “Making the Universe Recognize and Submit,” “Making Underground Raw Shit”

* Age:

* From: Los Angeles

* Affiliations: Living Legends, Felt, the 3 Melancholy Gypsys.

* Dates active: 1993-present

* Thematic motifs: Deep interpersonal relationships; disadvantaged people who improve their lives; renouncing violence; Christina Ricci

* Health level: Expert. No meat, no dairy, no drugs.

* Achievements unlocked: Has his own music festival; currently collaborating on concert series with LA County Museum of Art; dated several porn stars.

In other words, he’s a busy guy. So how do you like his new video?