Pure of heart

This innocent question about fetish gear is absolutely hilarious

Leather harnesses may have taboo origins, but they’re considered borderline tame these days.

They’re practically the gay uniform at events like Folsom Street Fair in San Francisco (above), and you’ll also see variations of them at virtually every circuit party or big gay nightlife extravaganza.

But if you need a reminder that we really do all live in bubbles, look no further than this innocent (and we mean innocent) question that popped up on a Tumblr photo of someone’s sizable harness collection.

Here’s the photo:

Impressive spread, no?

Well one naive commenter was thoroughly confused and put forth this simple, puzzling query:

“Holy sh*t,” they remarked. “How many dogs do you have?”

Someone was quick to reply: “Sweetheart, no.”

And later the pure soul who asked the question responded: “I have been recently informed that these harness thingies are not, in fact, for dogs.”

Then came this:

The more you know!