The internet is very concerned with a photo of Zac Efron’s face

A Twitter storm (OK maybe not a ‘storm’ per say, but a momentary downpour) ignited on Friday over a very important question: Did Zac Efron get facial fillers?

By “very important,” we of course mean “entirely unimportant.” In fact, the reaction to the possibility of the 33-year-old actor getting fillers says a lot more about how we judge people’s appearances than whether or not he got them.

After appearing on Bill Nye’s Earth Day Musical Facebook special on Thursday, April 22, fans noticed he looked a little bit different. Before long, a photo started circulating and boy, did people have thoughts.

“What in hell did Zac Efron do to his jaw,” one Twitter user asked, while another asked: “Is Zac Efron planning to be casted as Shrek in a live action.”

And many clearly disapproved. “Why did zac efron ger [sic] jaw filler why,” another user asked.

Then came jokes, more jokes, and yet more jokes.

We’re not going to tumble down that rabbit hole here, but the internet is as mean as ever.

But plenty of fans showed concern or stuck up for Efron, arguing he can do whatever he wants with his appearance and there’s really nothing to judge.

“Y’all I can’t stop thinking about Zac Efron. If he really had additional work done I hope he is ok, and not experiencing some form of body dysmorphia since his accident in 2013,” one commenter wrote.

“Fellow gays,” they added, “I need y’all to tone it down with the snarky comments and ‘jokes.'”

“Maybe people should stop saying shit about Zac Efron’s looks?” wrote another. “After he spoke about having an eating disorder? And the pressure of Hollywood?”

“Also, I’m gay and I still think Zac Efron is hot. Just saying.”

And another Twitter user had perhaps the most accurate observation: “It must be a slow day on gay twitter if they’re analyzing Zac Efron’s face.”