Iran’s Anti-Gay Crackdown

Big trouble in gay Iran. More than eighty gay and gay-allies have been were arrested at a May 10th party in Isfahan. Men and women had traveled from all over to attend a man named Farhad’s birthday celebration. Unfortunately, someone tipped notified the police, who subsequently raised the party, beat attendants and took them off to jail, according to Toronto-based Iranian Queer Organization. One would-be partygoer, Peyman, tells IQO:

I went to buy a gift for Farhad and so I arrived late for the party.

As soon as I turned in to their street, I saw police cars parked everywhere; all my friends were arrested while seven or eight policeman beat them with batons. Fearing the usual punishments for attending a party, two had jumped from the second-floor window and were in a bad condition.

Farhad’s family were [sic] also arrested. Everyone was transported into a big car and taken into custody. All their cell phones are off and we have no information about the situation inside the jail.

Faggotry remains illegal under Iran’s Islamic law. In fact, a number of men have been executed for their gay ways, including Shahab Darvishi, who met his unjust fate last November.

UK Gay News reports that female guests have been released, but the men remain in torturous custody. Not much of a birthday present for poor Farhad. IQO has asked for a “prompt release” of all guests. Allah willing…