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Is Britain Completely Lowballing Its Gay Population Count?

That government survey claiming just 1.5 percent of British folks — about 725,000 people — are gay or bi? Hogwash, says dating site Gaydar, which has just a tad more profiles than that.

The British government’s Office of National Statistics came up with its figure based on 450,000 responses to its Integrated Household Survey, “the biggest pool of UK social data after the Census.” But Gaydar and GaydarGirls say they’ve got 2,185,072 profiles in Britain alone. Which means with a total population of about 61.4 million people, according to World Bank estimates, at least 3.6 percent of them are cruising for same-sex matches online. (Gaydar says their figures mean 6.7 percent of the population has a profile, meaning they’ve got smaller overall figures for the country’s population.)

Of course we must consider that individuals have posted more than one profile, and that some profiles might belong to ex-pats or non-citizens, which might not be counted in the government survey.

That, and gays learned long ago to lie to Big Brother.