Is Dire Straits ‘Money For Nothing’ Gonna Make a Grand Return To Canadian Radio?

Might Canadian radio stations be able to play the uncensored, “little faggot” version of Dire Straits “Money for Nothing” sometime soon? While the Canadian Broadcast Standards Council this month banned the nation’s terrestrial radio stations from playing an unedited version of the song (handily ignored by some), the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission asked the Council to revisit its decision and consider “the age and origin of the song and the date of its performance,” “the prominence of the contested word in the song and the use of that word over time,” and “the length of time and frequency that it has been playing on the airwaves.” The CBSC agreed. Why is the CRTC so concerned about radio stations skipping over a few harsh lyrics? Because its reputation is on the line. Some Canadians thought CRTC, and not CBSC, was responsible for the censorship; it received some 250 letters campaigning against the ban.

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