Is Football Star Tim Tebow Saving Himself For Singer Fred Durst?

Today’s Page Six brings us the strange, lurid tale of a budding bromance between abstinent Denver Broncos QB Tim Tebow and wangsta ex-Limp Bizkit front man Fred Durst.

Says Page Six:

The two dined at Craig’s restaurant in West Hollywood on Wednesday night. A source said the unlikely friends met while Tebow was a star quarterback at the University of Florida: “Fred has been a fan of Tim’s since he played at Florida. Fred is from Florida and used to go watch Tim play. They stayed in contact and ran into each other at the ESPY Awards a few years ago.”

In WeHo? That’s pretty gay. And, as previously noted, the Internet has confirmed that Tim Tebow is the proud owner of gay hands and gay lisp.

So, naturally, we conjecture: did the 24-year-old Tebow fall in love with the 42-year-old Durst while Durst was worshiping him from the bleachers in Florida, only to share a furtive backstage kiss at the ESPY Awards—Tebow tearing away from Durst, whispering a “I can’t do this” as he runs off to his beard.

Flash forward to a hypothetical today, and Fred has finally popped the question to Tim at Craig’s.

“We can do it in Washington or Maryland—it’s legal there now, too,” smiles Fred.

“You know my answer, Fred,” says Tim with a smile. “And I’ve always wanted to have a Seattle wedding.”

And scene.

Photos via Wikipedia, Steven Howard; Bromantic Photo-Illustration by Evan Mulvihill