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Is Harvard Sanitizing The Off-Campus Assault On a Gay Sophomore?

An unidentified Harvard student leaving the campus quad was assaulted by three men who chased him on to a side street while whispering “fag” and “queer,” according to a Harvard University Police report, which notes that because the incident took place off-campus it’s being handled by the Cambridge Police.

The suspects demanded his wallet and cell phone, which they, uh, threw on the ground before running off. The Harvard Crimson, likely cribbing from the report, says, “The student, who was not harmed during the crime, described the three suspects as white or Hispanic and in their early 20s.”

But one Harvard tipster tells Queerty: “I don’t know the victim that well, but I know he’s an out gay sophomore (19yo) . Contrary to what the police/administration are saying, I know he was injured or at least roughed up around the face because I’ve seen him since. Harvard’s queers are in complete denial and they’ll sweep this under the rug soon enough – nothing allowed to puncture the gay yuppie ideal. As far as I’m concerned, the so called liberal heartland of Harvard doesn’t exist.”