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Is Holocaust Pope Pius’s ‘Silent’ Jewish Advocacy Just Like Obama’s Silent Gay Advocacy?

Not only has Joseph Alois Ratzinger, better known as terrible person Pope Benedict XVI, faced his own criticism about the Holocaust, he’s been taking a buttload thanks to his paving the way for Holocaust-era Pope Pius XII to become a saint, despite widespread criticism that Pius did little to nothing to save Italy’s Jews from the Nazi regime. But now the Vatican is on a whole new warpath to ensure Pius gets his due: insist the Church was working, covertly, to save the Jews!

Speaking to Jewish leaders in a synagogue, the pope, without mentioning Pius by name, insisted at the time the Vatican “itself provided assistance, often in a hidden and discreet way.” You see, the silence from Pius — who served as pope from 1939 to 1958 — wasn’t proof that he didn’t care; it’s that he was working ever so quietly to secure safety for the Jewish people without making a sound!

Now where have I heard this before?

Am I comparing Barack Obama to the deceased pope? No, not directly. Mostly, these are apples and oranges. But the twosome’s methodology for supposedly preventing harm and oppression done to a people they claim to want to protect is eerily familiar. Pius supposedly worked behind the scenes, without making a public fuss, over the extermination of Jews. Meanwhile, Obama has remained all but silent on the proposed extermination of gays (in Uganda), and has remained all but silent and inactive on one LGBT equality fight after another.

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