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Is Jake Pavelka The Bachelor‘s Inevitable Closeted Gay?

Does anyone watch The Bachelor? Yes? No? If the former, then you already know Jake Pavelka, once a contestant on The Bachelorette and then the cutie a dozen or so women vied for on The Bachelor, has split with his reality TV fiance Vienna Girardi. And because these are people WHO LIKE BEING ON REALITY TV, they are of course going after each other post-break up. In Vienna’s case, she’s letting “friends” accuse Jake of being a ‘mo.

Jake, who also competed (and lost) on Dancing with the Stars, “just wasn’t ever physical” with Vienna,” claims “a source.” “Vienna told me, I don’t think Jake is into girls.'” Add that to Vienna telling Star they went six months without physical affection, using the “premarital sex is a sin” card, and which closeted str8 guy hasn’t pulled that one?

But then Life & Style and Us Weekly claim it was Vienna’s sleeping around that ended the relationship.

Aw crap. My interest just ran out.

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