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Is Matt Lauer’s Alleged Mistress Whitney Houston’s Trans-Sister?

Last week the gossips alleged 52-year-old Today show host Matt Lauer was cheating on his wife with “Whitney Houston’s singer-songwriter/producer step sister Alexis Houston.” It’s a juicy bit of gossip except that Whitney Houston’s rep says that Alexis is in no way related to Whitney and both Lauer and Alexis have denied any sort of affair. There is one rumor that Alexis hasn’t denied however—that she’s transgender.

According to a Page Six source (insert necessary skepticism), Alexis was born Stuart Wellington and had “a sex-change surgery three years ago after a man fell in love with the cross-dressing singer and paid for the operation.” Whitney Houston sued Alexis in 1996 for claiming to be her cousin, alleging Alexis used the false identity to defraud a New York doctor of $100,000. (Neither Alexis nor her lawyer Gloria Allred commented on Alexis’ alleged transgender identity or alleged fraudulent past during a press conference yesterday.)

It wouldn’t be shocking is Alexis is trans. At least not have as shocking as all the press she’s pulled piggybacking off of false rumors of bigger named celebrities.