Is The Today Show Being Too Sympathetic Toward Lady Gaga-Loving Leaker Bradley Manning?

Bradley Manning, the possibly gay or trans private first class accused of trafficking secret documents out of the military to Wikileaks on a Lady Gaga CD, was described yesterday by NBC’s Today as an “outcast” who joined the military to impress his father. That lamestream media defending the queers again!

The reactionary Media Research Center is leading the battle against Today‘s supposedly sympathetic report that has the entire State Department losing their shit. In an argument appearing in the Wall Street Journal an Newsbusters, MRC’s Geoffrey Dickens opines:

Instead of leading with how Army Private First Class Bradley Manning may have jeopardized national security with his document dump to WikiLeaks, NBC’s chief Pentagon correspondent Jim Miklaszewski, in his profile of Manning on Tuesday’s Today show, told viewers he was the “most unlikely suspect, with a youthful smile” and portrayed him as an abused victim of the military. Miklaszewski used the New York Times’ Ginger Thompson in his report to tell the tale of young man who apparently decided to avenge the abuse he had taken over the years, dating back to high school, by selling out his country.

And the anti-30 Rock blogs are joining in., where we found the above clip, writes:

Leave it to the progressive liberal biased media to make excuses and paint Bradley Manning who basically has committed treason against the United States. Liberal hack Jim Miklaszewski on the Today Show did just that, painting poor Manning as the victim of bullying, being teased for “being a geek”, and once in the military, “quickly became a target.” Are you crying yet? Miklaszewski also rags on Manning’s father who had the nerve to kick him out of the House after he finished high school! We know progressive liberals need their parents basements badly. How dare the father! Oh and they began the segment by clamming Bradley Manning was the “most unlikely suspect, with a youthful smile.” Uh?

Is it so wrong to tell America about the motivations to leak the documents this young man might have had? Certainly not. But calling Manning “a young man” who was “was an outcast who tried desperately to fit in” hardly sounds like a overly sympathetic description. In fact, it’s one that could be used to describe Portland’s would-be Christmas tree bomber Mohamed Osman Mohamud. Which doesn’t mean I’m equating Manning to a terrorist, but there’s a reason people are driven toward actions easily (and arguably very fairly) described as “nefarious”; it is the job of journalists to find it.