Is There A Hidden Message In Madonna’s New Album Cover?

For those of you who aren’t fans, just accept that the Madonna onslaught is here.

In addition to the talk show appearances promoting W.E. and Sunday’s Super Bowl half-time show, Madge has just released the cover, title and partial track list to her new 12th studio album, MDNA, which drops March 26.

It’s the first album Madge has done through her deal with Live Nation and Interscope, so it could be a bold new direction or more of the same from Hard Candy. “Give Me All Your Luvin’” , with Nicki Minaj and MIA, has a bit of a Toni Basil-“Mickey” vibe so maybe retro is the word of the day. Plus, MDMA is a cheeky reference to ecstasy (MDMA), the party drug everyone and their gay dad was dosing on in the 1990s. 

But, as Hollywood Reporter points out, the sleek disco-glam cover is a stark contrast to the B&W sex-kitten style image in the promo single for “Luvin’”: “MDNA‘s mirrored disco-meets-“Express Yourself”-era look is a stark contrast from the playful black-and-white shoot for “Luvin.” Does that mean variety or schizophrenia is in store?”

Also appearing on MDNA:

  • “Beautiful Killer”
  • “Birthday Song” (featuring M.I.A.)
  • “Girls Gone Wild”
  • “Masterpiece”
  • “Turn Up the Radio”


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  • steve sydney

    Reminds me of the Bedtime Stories album cover

    I think someone at the Hollywood Reporter is reading way too much into things..

  • Ryan

    I’m so glad she ditched Warner Bros for Interscope…everything about the look of this album and the teaser for the new video indicates that this Album will feel thoroughly modern.

  • Joe

    I totally agree, Ryan!

  • christopher di spirito

    Dance music is back. If Madonna sticks to high energy dance music, she will be fine. If she indulges herself in some syrupy ballad, she will crash and burn.

  • Jawsch

    I love Dance Music, it’s been the only thing I listen to since I was about 14. (Love 90s Dance) but I’m not a fan of Madonna. The only album I liked of hers was Confessions On A Dance Floor. Other than that, I can’t stand her stuff. -shrugs-
    She’s just not my thing.

    I don’t think they’re reading too much into things, Raves and Clubs where dance music is most popular (aka gay clubs) has quite an acceptance toward drug use. The LGBT Community is 4-5xs as likely to suffer from substance abuse but less likely to look for assistance or help. (according to studies done around 2003)

  • ewe

    The girl doesn’t do drugs. She just pushes them.

  • mattsy

    Cunt wait to get it!!

  • Mike UK

    all she needs to do now is drop the pathetic pseudo English accent!

  • Drew

    Not everyone used MDMA in the 90s, it was around long before then and it’s not a “gay” drug it’s a drug that ravers and all sorts of people took.

  • Tommy

    @Jawsch: I’m just the opposite. I love Madonna, but I’m not that into the typical 90’s dance stuff. Confessions was okay, but I prefer her more pop/dance records like Like A Prayer and Ray of Light. Hope it’s not too hard on the dance beats and just club remixes.

  • Allen D.

    The cover is awesome. Unfortunately, given the first single — I think I’ll be skipping it. I HATE when people refer to themselves in their songs (“L-U-V MADONNA!” God, shut up). The only exception being KMFDM.

    I would kill for another “American Life”. But I just keep getting more disappointed with each new album.


  • Gay Bacon

    Queerty needs to do a Madonna and the gay community highlight because I still don’t understand the obsession. Was she like the Lady Gaga for the older generation? Anyway, google just brings up blogs about what she has said recently and wiki just says she’s a gay icon…for what? wtf knows.

  • Bewitched In Dallas

    @Gay Bacon

    She’s a gay icon because she championed Gay causes and fought for a voice to be heard. In spite of the gay back lash and accusations that she is over the Gays, Madonna still rages on and does what she does best….be herself. A Master Marketer and instinctively savvy person she continues to fight against oppression. Her music is not for everyone but you can’t deny her talent…May not appeal to you but that is ok.

  • Chris

    LMAO Madonna has NEVER Been for BGLT rights and doesn’t give a shit about us, unless it comes to getting us to sell out her concerts for her, and buy her shitty music year after year. Seriously Vadge could make music that’s absolute shit and BLGT people would rush out and buy it. As for “talent” she never had any in the first place.

  • Allen D.

    @Chris: Wow, you just summed how I feel about Lady Gaga argument.

    I clearly remember Madonna’s calls for the gay cause back in the 80s. You know, when gay people were at their most vile, being carriers of a mystery disease and all. It was a much more controversial time to be seen as a gay ally.

  • jason

    The cover of the album looks like a photo of Madge from 1989. LOL. How sad. She’s a pathetic, AutoTuned hack. Her fans are just as fake as she is. When I think of who likes her, I’m reminded of a couple of guys I saw in a gay bar about 10 years ago. They were jumping up and down like 9 year olds and waving their arms around.

  • Tommy

    It’s not like gay blogs are the only place you read about Madonna. She’s covered a lot in the straight media, too. She has a lot of fans and also a lot of people who don’t like her also in every demographic. No one is saying that because you are gay you have to like her. But a lot of gay people do like her. I think it’s a misconception only gay people are Madonna fans. Trust me, there are plenty of straight people who love her too. You either get her or you don’t, and it really isn’t based on your sexual orientation.

  • urtethra franklin

    The fractured imagery on the cover of MDNA is a clever way of Madonnna wanting to obscure the effects of those damn cheek fillers……

  • Sal

    She’s a has-been. NEXT!

  • Rich

    Madonna’s core fan base are older gay men. Straight people don’t like Madonna. They’ll see her for a novelty act, but they’re not “fans”.

  • afrolito

    Madonna is the Queen full stop, and no amount of ridiculous comments on a gay blog will ever change that fact. The woman has been an iconic force in music and pop culture for nearly 30 years. You don’t sell over 300 million records, and grossed over a billion dollars in touring, as a gay novelty act, or has been. If she just appealed to gays, she would have the career of Cyndi Lauper, who performs at pride events, and on gay cruises these days. Madonna could stop everything and retire tomorrow, and still no one would be able to touch her, or match her accomplishments. Certainly not Lady Reductive, who would not exist without Madonna. The same goes for every other female pop performer, who is playing by the rule book Madonna wrote. So don’t get it twisted.

    The album cover is beyond iconic. Pure pop art.
    Anyone who claims Madonna is not supportive gays and gay rights is just beyond ridiculous and stupid.

    Madonna does not have a British accent. The only people who think she has a British accent are stupid Americans who have never been to Britain, or actually heard a British accent. People seem to forget that Madonna was married to a Brit, and lived in London for almost a 10 years. In that time it’s only natural to pick up certain vocal inflections, and ways of saying words properly. In any case get over it…and stop projecting your feelings of cultural inferiority onto her, and others who speak proper english.

  • FunMe

    I used to love Madonna. Her music from the 80s and 90s are great and lots of fun. The last 12 years, I don’t really like her anymore. Not her music, and definitely not her. She’s turned into this pretentious bitchy person. I mean, for a person who is out there promoting Kabala to make her a “better person”, you would never know that, especially when she was bad mouthing her soon-to-be ex-husband in front of a concert audience back when she was about to get a divorce. And this woman has kids! Does she think her son will appreciate what she said about his dad?

    And Madonna talking bad about Lady Gaga not only makes her look jealous but also pathetic.

    As far as doing things to help gay rights, dancing at one AIDS danceAthon is not being a fierce advocate. Doing what Lady Gaga does with her new foundation, speaking up for the end of DADT, and talking about the GLBT community and giving young people hope, now that’s fierce! (Yup I prefer Lady Gaga over Madonna now.)

    So hey . . . some people like Madonna, some people don’t anymore (like me), so who cares about fighting about it. It’s not a debatable issue, it’s just someone’s opinion.

  • Lefty

    @jason: You mean they were having fun!?

  • Mykey

    YAAAY! Xtina Aguilera is back!!!

  • TJ

    Is she still pretending to be a fake Jew named Esther?

  • ScaryRussianHeather


    It depends on how you define gay icon. Why is Joan Crawford, the tortured actress a gay icon? She’s just as much a gay icon as Bette Davis, Carmen Miranda, Judy Garland, Bette Midler, Cher (pre Chaz), and others who didn’t do any hugely obvious significant political actions.

    Unlike Gaga, Madonna actually hung out with gay men her whole young life as a dancer, and hung with legendary ICONS like Willi Ninja. She got vogueing from him, after seeing the boyz at Washington Square and went to the balls. Here’s a pic of her at a young age with Ninja and other ball queens including the Paris Is Burning creator.

    She specialized in dance music, completely dominating her era’s pop music genre and gay bar music. When other performers were voguing, it went unnoticed until Madonna’s fame propelled it into the limelight in 1990. Of the entire list, only Midler comes close to even associating with gay men, having perfomed at the baths.

    So you won’t find YOUR definition of gay icon until present day, defined by political advocacy.

    Why is Broadway genre “iconicly gay”? In addition to drawing creative gay actors, same reasons. Gay men dug it. And will always dig Divas.

  • Gregoire

    Can people really not make room in their hearts for both Madge and Gaga?

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