Is There A Hidden Message In Madonna’s New Album Cover?

For those of you who aren’t fans, just accept that the Madonna onslaught is here.

In addition to the talk show appearances promoting W.E. and Sunday’s Super Bowl half-time show, Madge has just released the cover, title and partial track list to her new 12th studio album, MDNA, which drops March 26.

It’s the first album Madge has done through her deal with Live Nation and Interscope, so it could be a bold new direction or more of the same from Hard Candy. “Give Me All Your Luvin'” , with Nicki Minaj and MIA, has a bit of a Toni Basil-“Mickey” vibe so maybe retro is the word of the day. Plus, MDMA is a cheeky reference to ecstasy (MDMA), the party drug everyone and their gay dad was dosing on in the 1990s. 

But, as Hollywood Reporter points out, the sleek disco-glam cover is a stark contrast to the B&W sex-kitten style image in the promo single for “Luvin'”: “MDNA‘s mirrored disco-meets-“Express Yourself”-era look is a stark contrast from the playful black-and-white shoot for “Luvin.” Does that mean variety or schizophrenia is in store?”

Also appearing on MDNA:

  • “Beautiful Killer”
  • “Birthday Song” (featuring M.I.A.)
  • “Girls Gone Wild”
  • “Masterpiece”
  • “Turn Up the Radio”


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