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Is Your College Tuition Paying For The Next Campus Hate Rally?

By refusing to hear an appeal from the University of Wisconsin at Madison, the Supreme Court effectively forces public universities in Illinois, Indiana and Wisconsin — those covered by the Seventh Circuit — to let religious student groups use money provided to them by the schools’ “student fee” for explicitly religious purposes. Which means a small portion of each student’s tuition could be going toward the next anti-gay marriage rally on campus, under the guise of “proselytizing.”

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One Comment

  • Anaxamenes

    Well, Christian student’s money will also go to subsidizing campus gay organizations. When we pool money together in taxes or tuition, sometimes our money goes to organizations we don’t agree with. In turn other people’s money will come to us, who also don’t agree with us.

    As long as the events meet University standards, open dialogue is important even if I don’t agree with the other party.

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