It Took Stevie Nicks, But Glee‘s Santana Is Finally Owning Her Lesbian Feelings For Brittany

Last night’s Glee, you probably know by now, was all about sex. Boy on boy kind! Girl on girl kind! Even the unusual boy on girl kind! But as much as got a lesson in sex education (no, babies are not delivered via stork), we also got a lesson in coming to terms with your sexuality. Santana may want to keep her lesbian romance with Brittany as a no-strings-attached fling, but Brittany wants more. It took Gwyneth Paltrow on the guitar, and a room full of their friends, to figure things out.

But that doesn’t mean Santana wants everyone to know. And it doesn’t mean Brittany is going to be with her.

(Yes, the audio is a little out of sync for some reason. Our apologies!)

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  • jason

    I’m sorry but these look like two fake lesbians with exactly the same hair length groomed by Vidal Sassoon or some such. I’d much prefer to see the realistic lesbians with short dykey hair who truly challenge patriarchy rather than appeal to it.

    We need butch lesbians on American TV, not the “long flowing hair kind” who in a few years time will be married to a man and having his kids.

  • Max

    Not that it’s life-or-death, but they technically sang the Dixie Chicks’ cover of “Landslide.”

  • Cam

    I actually thought the scene would have worked more with just the two of them, I get however, that they wanted to shove Paltrow into every song they could.

    Seen Santana cry at the end was actually very touching and hearing her expalin that maybe a reason she is such a bitch is because she isn’t happy pretending to like guys was a great moment in the show.

    Will be interesting to see how this storyline plays out.

  • onehundredeight

    @jason: That’s all they portray on TV, and that’s the stereotype. Why teach kids that? I was actively pleased that they chose to have young girls be lesbians, not be the slutty kind that do it in front of their friends (they’re slutty, but not with one and other, in front of other people). I thought it was a good message, because the point was not to judge people so much, and that a girl can be feminine and “girly” and still be a lesbian. And Coach Beiste can be completely butch and be straight.

  • Soupy

    It’s because Jason admires and enforces stereotypes. And he’s a misogynist.

  • Tommy Marx

    The only thing I would change is leaving Gwyn out of it. I thought she did a great job on the song, but it felt contrived having her in the middle.

  • christopher di spirito

    Glee just gets better and better.

    The story lines are giving more depth to the characters — as in last night’s episode when Santana and Brittany covered Stevie Nicks’ legendary song, “Landslide.”

    Kurt’s awkward sit down with his father to have “the talk” gave hope to all gay and lesbian kids everywhere. How sweet is Blaine to reach out to Kurt’s father like that?

  • Jeffree

    @Soupy: You’re forgetting that what happened on Glee is because of the liberal sleazy double-standards of Hollywood: if we had more bisexual porn featuring male-male sexuality and no females, the the females on Glee would not sport such long, flowing hair, but would have crewcuts to fight the patriarchal network and the fâke sexuality of women. Everyone knows this.

    How was that? Convincing?

  • Red Meat

    I don’t think Santana is a lesbian. When she was talking to Brittney she said something like “he is just a stupid boy,” as if boys can’t give her what she wants – love. She has never had a good relationship with a boy and she is confusing a true friendship with love. Of course the writers can just decide to make her a lesbian if they want to but they left like this because they are not sure yet.

  • Steve-O

    @jason: You don’t want realistic lesbians you want stereotypical lesbians.

  • Soupy

    Thanks Jeffree. I stand corrected. I will now hate women and Hollywood.

  • TwlightoftheDogs

    (a) They are bisexuals. At least one of them is.

    (b) It was a good representation of being bi or lesbian. So no complaints.

  • It's Me

    As a “feminine” girl who likes girls who look like me, aka, into Vogue and clothes and motorcycles, but also heels and boots. I’m offended by your comment. Not every bi/lezzie has to look like Rosie O’Donnell or Whoopi.

    Get over yourself and your limited perspective.

  • It's Me

    @jason: oh and my comment was to mr. “enforcing stereotypes” jason:

    “As a “feminine” girl who likes girls who look like me, aka, into Vogue and clothes and motorcycles, but also heels and boots. I’m offended by your comment. Not every bi/lezzie has to look like Rosie O’Donnell or Whoopi.
    Get over yourself and your limited perspective.”

  • Jeffree

    @it’s me: Jason is convinced that
    –women are only bi to please straight men
    –female sexuality is “fake”
    –yadda yadda

    I’m sure you picked up on the fact that he’s got some serrrrious issues with misogyny. He’s a one-person chorus, along with his sockpuppets.

    Please don’t let him scare u off! Visit us again soon.

  • It's Me

    @Jeffree: lol agree agree agree. i just hate when the mainstream trivializes female bisexuality. If another girl likes a girl, it has absolutely nothing to do with a guy.

  • Ian

    Since Kurt has such an incredibly supportive dad and Santana lives on the ‘wrong side of the tracks’ I wonder if Glee would have the courage to show what happens to homeless gay teens if Santana comes out at home as lesbian and gets promptly thrown out by her parents.

    FYI, kudos to the actress who portrays Santana, I choked up when Santana got tearful realizing the extent of her feelings for Brittney during the song.

  • W

    Jason does have a point. Let me explain. Most lesbians and female bisexuals on television are sexy and slutty. They also have sex with men. Look at 90210 or USA’s Skins. These characters go to men. While stereotypes do not always hold true, there are many lesbians who are more butch or out of the gender norm than most television channels are willing to show.

  • Sceth

    I’m very glad that they didn’t make Brittany any smarter for the final scene. The grave social consequences of borderline retardation would be nice to seriously explore.

  • John

    @Sceth I think you’ve forgotten that the characters are supposed to be playing… high school sophomores was it? Have you experienced a conversation with a current high school sophomore lately?

  • shawn

    @It’s Me …whoopi’s gay!?
    lets keep in mind everyone the demographic the show is going after..
    plus it would feel forced for even me, a lesbian, to see a boyish lil lesbian highschooler fitting into this group. Its better that they are 2 relatable teenager ex cheerleaders who found a major attraction to each other via a friendship prior.

    Ya it’s sad Santana’s heart was broken during the locker scene but in duets episode she could’ve professed her love when they were making out. She didn’t though.. just called Brittany a replacement for puck; wellll Brittany isnt into hurting innocent people feelings so shes not willing now to hurt Arnie.
    Its sad.. i so want brittana together.

  • shawn

    @It’s Me: whoopi has come out?! lol

    lets keep in mind everyone the demographic the show is going after..
    plus it would feel forced for even me, a lesbian, to see a boyish lil lesbian highschooler fitting into this group. Its better that they are 2 relatable teenager ex cheerleaders who found a major attraction to each other via a friendship prior.

    Ya it’s sad Santana’s heart was broken during the locker scene but in duets episode she could’ve professed her love when they were making out. She didn’t though.. just called Brittany a replacement for puck; wellll Brittany isnt into hurting innocent people feelings so shes not willing now to hurt Arnie.
    Its sad.. i so want brittana together.

  • Alexspade93

    I’m tired of Glee. Last episode was a totally rubbish and delirium. One gay boy went to straight father of another gay boy to say him that he must talk to son about gay sex. Fantastic! Blaine, honey! Put on a condom and fuck Kurt to show him what gay sex is. Considering he’s waiting it from you since your first or second meeting. Or you both are totally frigid? One girl who’ve fucked every single guy in this school and adjacencies SUDDENLY understands that she don’t wanna be with boys because she loves another school whore. But I have no doubt in next episode she will be happy with another male fucker.

  • It's Me

    @shawn: lol no Whoopi isn’t a “lesbian” but she’s progressive and her many inferences lead me to believe she gets down with the “sweet lady kisses” every once and a while.

  • jason

    American television has been deplorable in its treatment of lesbianism. Almost all lesbianism has been portrayed as a part-time thing that a woman does in between relationships with men. Almost all of these lesbian-practicing women have long flowing hair and wear make-up.

    It’s as if American TV is controlled by sleazy straight guys who wish to model lesbianism on the types of portrayals you see in porn movies where a woman indulges in lesbianism as part of a broader accommodation of a sleazy straight male’s fantasies.

    It’s even sadder that the GLBT media in America has refused to criticize these depictions.

  • It's Me


  • It's Me

    @jason: I agree that American TV portrays a certain kind of lesbian more than others…

    But perhaps I don’t mind so much because me and my friends don’t fit into the stereotypical lesbian category. For us most TV shows portray “girls who like girls” as one of the two:
    1) sluts who just like sex and prefer men, but will do both
    2) ultra butch’s who fail to not only turn straight men on, but they FAIL to turn on me and my friends as well.

    I feel like I fit into neither.

    So as you can imagine it’s a relief to watch Glee because Santana is OUR story. Nuff said.

    Shay Mitchell on Pretty Little Liars does an AWESOME job as Emily, but Emily is a lesbian (btw I’m so happy with her character development), whereas Santana admittedly enjoys both. She’s just in love with Brittany now. Thus Santana is more like me.

  • greenluv1322

    Hey fucktards…not all lesbians are diesel dykes. So get off the idea that we are monolithic and all look the same. Hence the term lipstick lesbian!

  • greenluv1322

    Hey f_cktards…not all lesbians are diesel dykes. So get off the idea that we are monolithic and all look the same. Hence the term lipstick lesbian!

  • Alice

    I don’t believe Santana, simply because she has thus far given me no reason to trust a single thing she says. Every other time she has expressed emotion, it has been to manipulate someone. I suspect that Brittany will dump Artie for Santana, and then Santana will blow Brittany off…it would be so like her. Leaving both Artie and Brittany heart broken.

  • spider_orchid

    @jason: Wow, really? Stereotypical lesbians instead of a two popular cheerleaders? Stop.

  • thedarkchariot

    It’s not about stereotypical lesbians versus realistic lesbians.

    I’m in the same camp that’s a little bitter that lipstick lesbians – and only lipstick lesbians, that is – get a pass from the rest of the world (read: straight guys) at acceptance and toleration. I know that there are real lipstick lesbians out there – and that there are gay men and women of all sorts of backgrounds – and that’s what makes us great.

    But, for a show that supposed to be on our side, showing lipstick lesbians that will have sex with straight men (“boner” lesbians), makes me bitter. Consider this. We have seen many expressions of lesbian love in Glee so far, but absolutely no gay male relationships (not even sex, just relationships!). This is a fictional story that writers are in control of. They chose that have Kurt and Blaine (our only hope at this point) play coy and “take it slow” while progressing Santana and Brittany’s relationship.

    Santana and Brittany are awesome. I actually think they’re really cute together. But, when you neglect and outright snub the only hope for a gay male relationship on a supposedly gay friendly show, it makes me bitter. And it just brings back the reminder that straight men rule the world, and everything is for them.

    A summary of the above comment between Glee and me:

    “So, we’re deciding to really go all out in representing the LGBT community this season.”
    “Oh that’s cool! Thanks a lot, Glee. You’re doing a great job.”
    “Yup. We’re really excited to feature a lesbian couple.”
    “Oh hey, that’s great! We haven’t had any les-”
    “It’s Santana and Brittany.”
    “And they’re still gonna sleep with guys.”
    “Oh…and Kurt and Blaine?”
    “Yeah, we’re not gonna do anything with them yet.”

  • It's Me


    I feel you… they are sort of slow with Kurt and Blaine, but isn’t that true to Kurt’s character? Plus I don’t think Blaine is good for Kurt necessarily…

    as far as Brittana. I think they’re pretty true to what they are… bisexual women, not necessarily a person who will only EVER be able to connect emotionally and physically with a woman.

    And yet, even though, I’m “lipstick” (hate that term), I see your point. I used to love the L Word before they made Jenny a complete loony, but even that show was full on lipstick.

    The ONLY “butch” (hate that too) was Tasha. And I’m not counting Shane, because Shane wore makeup, had flyy hair and clothes and was skinny. lol a “lip stick butch”? So if I were a middle of america lesbian I would not be pleased with the representation.

    But Glee had no options, but to make Brittana the sapphic relationship. I imagine if they chose to make it Lauren Zizes, lesbians everywhere would have been in uproar for the exact opposite of what you’re upset about.

    Can’t please ’em all.

    also, I’m black so where the hell is the love interest for Amber Riley/Mercedes? EVERYONE has one except her. I know she’s bigger, but Lauren is 3x her size and has Puck. Plus the show needs an attractive black male (not the lame looking guy they had before). Ryan Murphy, make that happen.

  • FluffyInDrag

    @It’s Me: I don’t think any women suddenly DAWN on the concept of being strictly lesbian. It’s sort of a gradual shift for most since we are so conditioned to expect feelings and attraction for men.
    Well… maybe for some it does happen, but I don’t think being confused innately makes someone bisexual or “bisexual” and if anything I would say it’s the most natural reaction. A good one at that since it encourages really thinking about all those feelings and decisions that suddenly pile on with that little self-revelation. I think it’d be silly to suddenly go from expecting to grow up and marry a man and make babies to BOOM, nope, today I’m a lesbian.
    And if they are bisexual, who cares? Bisexuality is just as real and if it so happens that a bisexual person ends up partnering with someone opposite sex it hardly makes them LESS bisexual. To be honest, I think that bisexuality is facing more misrepresentation in today’s society and media than the gays and lesbians… in no small part because the gays don’t seem to get it, either. I would be very surprised if any TV show in this day and age had the delicate touch necessary to express true bisexuality (or even, as they said, “fluid” sexuality) without turning it into something slutty or dishonest like people LOVE to do.

    All that aside, I’m not looking the gift horse in the mouth. They seem to be taking the topic seriously regardless of representing every goddamn subculture within the lesbian clique and I’m not sorry that it’s two “long-haired” girls. Not every lesbian presents as a butch, goodness knows I’m not particularly attracted to that image myself, and I think it helps make a point that Santana isn’t really looking for a man-substitute like she claimed at first. Like a lot of people like to claim lesbians do… you know, “why don’t you get a real boyfriend?”
    The L Word aside, the vast stereotype of lesbians is still held as the butch sort. One show on HBO won’t be enough to break that particular mold so, ladies, have a little patience and *gasp* APPRECIATION for the fact that not every show is going to represent every one of you.
    After all, there are PLENTY of lesbians and bisexuals like me who did just fine in miniskirts and mascara in high school and are glad to see what WE can identify with, too.

  • merri

    I’m glad to see a role model of some pretty girls being bi/lesbian. There is no need for more butchy looking lesbians to be spotlighted, or, if there are, there need to be some more femme looking women spotlighted first. I cannot identify with ‘lesbian looking’ women at all, and it’s kind of depressing and lonely to think that you have to be like that, or be attracted to that. Some of us would like to see more examples of everyday looking women, who just happen to be attracted to other everyday looking women. Why should we have to change to fit the lesbian ideal? So yay for Santana!

  • Jenna Watts


    honestly more butch lesbians on tv furthers the stereotypical lesbian thing. it’s important to let young women know that you don’t have to be butch to be gay. you can still be your pretty, girly self. not that theres anything wrong with being butch, but not all lesbians look that way. If a show like this had been around when I was growing up I wouldn’t have been as confused. I like girls that look like girls, and I like to look girly as well. I was like wait… is this possible to be girly and to also like girly girls? so more power to the hot lesbians!

  • jason

    Jenna Watts,

    There is nothing wrong with being a butch lesbian. In fact, some of the nicest people I know are butch lesbians.

    If I go out into the gay scene, many of the women I see are butch. Why can’t TV reflect that? At the moment, all lesbians on American TV have long flowing hair and look as if they’ve stepped out of the pages of the men’s magazines. It suggests that the concept of lesbianism is being owned by the sleazy straight guy fantasy.

    It’s highly offensive for anybody to suggest that we must run away from depicting lesbians as butch. You’re creating a new stereotype, one that “corrects” and adjusts the version that straight society finds confronting. This need for adjustment is a highly offensive notion.

    Let me repeat what I’ve said earlier: I am sick and tired of American TV depicting lesbians as corrected and adjusted versions of what exists in real life. I am sick and tired of American TV depicting lesbianism as something women do in between relationships with men.

    I also think that the GLBT media – particularly the male side of it – has failed to criticize the TV networks for their depictions of lesbianism.

  • Soupy

    Jason, in the past you have criticized women as a whole group for perpetuating stereotypes and assaulting your beliefs. Have you now decided to parse this?

  • OhLehDoIt


    1) I appreciate Glee for depicting a non-exploitative view of two girls in love with one another. And yes I am thrilled they look they way they do. Why? Because while I understand your argument that they are lipstick and what about the butch’s, I think you’re completely invalidating all of the rest of us who aren’t 100% strictly into women or maybe we are, but we happen to look like the Shay Mitchell’s, the Diana Argrons, the Lea Michele’s, the Rihanna’s, the Brittana’s of the world. I’m bi and growing up there wasn’t a “big gay countdown” for me. I fit the hetero-normative gender archetype of a girl, and I still do. And I like it. I like girls who look like that too. I dig being sexy and feminine and clothes and fashion and cinched pants and dresses and lingerie and all of that. My point? My point is do you know how hard it was for me to realize I was bi? Since I grew up the straight ideal, the thought of liking a girl, which I did, literally gave me a panic attack and pray to baby jesus. Haha, I mean now I’m in my 20’s and have embraced my sexuality for what it is. Fluid. Like Santana said, I actually think most people are midling on the Kinsey scale, but are ‘stuck’ because social constructs act as horse blinders. So can you let us have Santana? And stop ruining the moment. I know you think she’s trivial and “will be having some man’s babies” but I say fuck you because she’s actually the voice to a lot of girls like myself. And there are A LOT of us.

    2) I wish you would stop assuming girls who look like Santana are some strictly “straight male” fantasy. NEWSFLASH. She’s my fantasy too. Hott chicks aren’t reserved for straight men to fuck and gay men to idolize. ughh stupid boys and your rules!

  • Echo

    I’m a high school girl and I really like the way they portray Santana and Brittany. Neither girl claims to be lesbian or bi. Santana even goes so far as to say she doesn’t want labels for what they do, and I know that’s how I feel. A lot of girls in high school are bi- honestly or just curious.
    Now I can’t speak for adult relationships, but I know that high school is all about figuring out what you like. I’m bi, but I lean more towards guys. At my school of 2000, I don’t know of any lesbians who are out. I know of a small handful of girls who are out as bi, and a bunch more who have made out with girls, have crushes on girls, but don’t want to admit it to either their friends or themselves.
    In high school, it’s hard to be brave enough to say I don’t like boys at all, especially if you’re not sure and guys all try to treat you sweet so you date them, while in public the girls say “lesbians? ew gross get out of the lockerroom!” And most shows that people quote as having bad lesbians who are a mans fantasy are showing the reality of confused teen girls who are trying to untangle their lust and love.

    So I guess what I’m trying to say that Santana is not a good representation of a lesbian couple, because they’re not. They are two high school girls who are bi. And not even sure about that because they’re still trying to figure it out.

  • R

    Jason: I agree that butches need more representation on mainstream TV, and the their lack of representation probably has at least something to do with the male gaze/making homophobes less uncomfortable (although I think wanting to subvert stereotypes about lesbians being masculine is also a part of it, but as you point out, the fact that all lesbian media is doing this these days creates its own, new stereotypes).

    But your comments insinuating that femme lesbians are an entirely imaginary concept, or that being femme means they will go back to men, are incredibly offensive – and yes, as your detractors have pointed out, misogynistic. Whether you’d like to acknowledge it or not, there are a lot of lesbian and bisexual women out there who either identify as femme and/or are attracted primarily or exclusively to femme women. I’m a bi women who fits into both categories, and I didn’t realize my attraction to women until I first saw femme lesbians on The L Word. I had always been attracted to more feminine women/”girly girls” but I had never put two and two together because I had never considered that those type of women were a romantic possibility for me. I had only ever seen butch lesbians, and I’m not into butches.

    Should shows that are aimed at teenagers show a more balanced view, so that butch teens can see themselves on TV? Yes, definitely. But that doesn’t mean femmes should be ignored. And if you bothered to do your research, rather than just make stupid assumptions, you’d find there are a lot of femme lesbian characters who are shown to be truly lesbian or bisexual, not straight, and end up with women. Emily and Naomi from the UK version of Skins, various characters from The L Word, Emily Fields on Pretty Little Liars, etc.

  • tracey

    Thats a wack thing to say. Lesbians have all kinds of looks and are no less who they are or less in love or lust with the person they’re with because they choose to be more glam. Everyone is not going to fit into a little box just so you can feel comfortable and make sense of their sexuality. @jason:

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