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It Was Only a Matter of Time Before Real World‘s Ryan Got Into Ass Play

Fine, he’s heterosexual, whatever. We didn’t want Ryan Leslie on our team anyhow! But for being so disgusted about another dude getting near his neck, Miss Leslie sure doesn’t have any hang ups about making his ass look appetizing. For women, of course.

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  • Hilarious

    So who was shaving his ass before he moved into the house? His mom?

    What girls does he pick up exactly? I mean he really grosses me out so I’m finding it hard to believe girls are tripping over themselves to be with him let alone worry about if his butt has hair on it.

    Girls like hairy guys anyway.


    Seems most guys who are into swipin’ like a smooth surface to work on………..Looks like Miss Ryan is getting her dish ready for some action………:-p

    I still laugh my ass off thinking of her over the top drama queen moments when she was franticly swatting away the Gay cooties on her neck. After she accepted the drink from the guy, hugged it out with and thanked him……..

  • Mike L.

    That really was very obnoxious.

  • wmcarpenter


  • Troy Boy

    Typical fame whore!

  • FredB

    He is such a tool!

  • Roger Rabbit

    This boy reeks of BS. Since this one claims to be a “grooming God”, he knows how to wax his own ass.

    LOL – It’s such a cheap pick-up/dominance thing. I’ve seen soo many str8 guys do this with girls. And this one can’t even close his mouth when eating. He’s more disgusting by the day, and wayyy to closet…

  • Toby

    He’s a latent homosexual and it’s sooo obvious…it’s sad.

  • Tony

    come out come out…’s ok …even tho it’s true, we don’t want him on our team….it’s soooo obvious he’s one of us….

  • Pip

    Is it just me, or did he not look that hairy?

  • Eric


    I agree, he isn’t hairy at all. Unfortunately it seems my body would induce a lot of vomiting for these poor famewhores.

  • Pitou

    @Eric: Fuckin HOT!

  • Lanjier

    Ugly slob. Can’t wait for the assault.

  • Dollie

    ^^I couldn’t see the video on this page for whatever reason, so I tried to find it on google (and am totally embarrassed to admit that I even care). Stumbled across this link… His cast bio is pretty comical.

    This guy was paid to be the token, outspoken, closet case, right?

  • Giovannidude

    He’s so concerned about his ass, you’d almost think he was going to find a way to use it sexually.

  • RobbDelman

    Y’know, I am convinced that this guy is some kind of ringer that MTV put in this group, maybe because the others were so vanilla…I don’t know. But, I am SO over this queen; the hair color, the hair-don’t, the whole nellier than thou attitude. Jesus Christ, bring back Puck…

  • Ogre Magi

    Looks just hair enough for me, yum yum!

  • gbtmsf

    the grossest thing about the whole exchange was he was talking and eating with his mouth wide open! yeah that made me want to throw up, not his barely hairy ass. yuck.

  • Jsmith

    Am I the only one that finds it weird that we’re hearing more about this guy than the actually gay person on the show.

  • john

    He is such a douche bag it’s not even funny. Does he really think that being such an ass (no pun intended) will get him the fame that he is so obviously craving? Uggggghhh he is not even the least bit attractive. Gross, just gross.

  • SouLKid

    Personally i dont get the gay vibe from him. I just see a weird/creepy guy.

  • Pip

    @SouLKid: Yeah, he seems sort of like date rapey.

  • shanelle

    What kinda nice gurl like me wanna kiss a man who cant keep his mouth all shut when he eating? I have two words for him: NAP KIN!
    Cover yo mouth whilst chewing.

  • jsr10808

    That’s disgusting. If that would have been me I would be gagging out the door.

  • OhCharlie

    @SouLKid: I agree with U, he is WEIRD and CREEPY all wrapped up as a TOOL….he has to be str8 becuz the gay community will not accept a douche bag like him

  • hephaestion

    What a dumbfuck. I can’t believe he asked a straight female to do that. She should have said “Hell, no, asshole!”

  • L.

    Isn’t it sweet how MTV asks to check your birthdate to see these videos? Wouldn’t only kids with IQs lower than their age fail to pass this test?

  • cythera45

    I love how dark and curly the hair in his crack is. I wish he’d spread those cheeks even wider so we could see his little pink rosebud.

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