Italian Footballers Shower, Get Massaged, Tackle Homophobia In Sexy Video

italyIt takes a confident man to play for the Bergamo Lions, an American football from Italy. These guys are so rough and tough and macho with enough swagger that they’re willing to show a lot of things that go on in their locker room. They indulge in fun activities such as team showers and massages but don’t have time for ugliness of homophobia. They don’t care whether people are gay or straight, only how well you can play ball. Actually, the guys are just doing their part for the Things Change campaign, a Euro off-shoot of It Gets Better.

A message accompanying the video was posted on Republica site and gets the following curious translation by Google Translate:

“Italian football team from Bergamo Lions an ironic how strong message against any discrimination in the video shot with the whole team and the participation of Charles Gabardini, the popular ‘Elm’ of the television series Camera Café that on October 31 he coming out Republic because of shaken by the news of the suicide of a twenty-one Roman mistreated as gay.”

We’re not 100 percent certain we understand what that means but the guys seem to have been inspired to make the video as a show of solidarity for gay people who’ve endured bullying and that’s something we can get behind. Or “touchdown” as they say in football speak.

Watch the guys prove they’re down with gays in the slightly NSFW video below.

H/T: Accidental Bear