It’s A Nice Day For (Six Burly Straight Men In) A Drag Wedding

rupauls-drag-race-season6-ep10-joslyn-brideThe remaining six queens were pulled out of that awful mid-season slump this week on RuPaul‘s Drag Race to compete in the historic “makeover” challenge, wherein the skills of the most talented finalists are put to the ultimate test by providing a drag virgin to be made over into a full-fledged drag queen.

For the first time in Drag Race history, the queens were joined by six real-life heterosexual couples to be married on the main stage in honor of marriage equality (??) — their challenge, of course, was to turn the burly heterosexual grooms into blushing brides. As in seasons past, some men were easier to make over than others, but the queens were ultimately judged on how well they could transform the men they were given. Extra points were given for “family resemblance.”

Here are their looks, ranked:


Bianca Del Rio

Ms. Bianca Del Rio, this season’s obvious winner, won both the mini challenge and the main challenge this week. In my opinion, she was the only queen that managed to create a semi-passable look for her big, burly groom. The family resemblance is stunning, and despite what Courtney Act has to say about Bianca’s boatneck dresses, I think their look is one of the best this week.



When it comes to the queens’ runway looks, DeLa slayed the entire pack by a landslide. Those keeping tally would argue that DeLa and Del Rio have racked up an equally impressive number of points this season, and it’s pretty much a race between these two ladies at this point.


Courtney Act

Courtney was mostly read for showing up her drag daughter on the runway this week, and the judges didn’t even point out that she was the only one who stuck with a theme that tied both outfits together. The Drag Race producers must really have it out for this girl — she was edited as a slight bitch again this week despite performing particularly well in the main challenge.


Adore Delano

Adore’s lack of sewing skills caught up to her this week, as she struggled to find an off-the-rack outfit to dress her drag daughter in. Everything from that crinoline bow to the leather jacket was an absolute disaster, but she does earn some points for a fiercely beat face. And contrary to what Michelle Visage may think, I can definitely see a family resemblance here.

That being said, Adore did rightfully end up in the bottom two this week and shed some tears during Untucked, wondering whether she had become this season’s floater.


Joslyn Fox

I wouldn’t hail Joslyn Fox’s look as the greatest on the runway, but I don’t think it was offensive enough to justify her elimination this week. Sure, her Gremlin bride did look a bit metallic with that white-washed face, but unlike some other queens walking the runway this week, Joslyn at least managed to make her bride look like an actual bride.

Of all the queens, Joslyn had the bride with the most tangible message. Kudos to the producers for inserting this professional basketball player to spark the “locker room” debate for a national audience. Joslyn’s queen may not have been pretty enough to keep her in the game this week, but her transformation from “devastation” to full-fledged wedding drag was plenty inspiring.


Darienne Lake

I’m not even sure Darienne understood the challenge at hand. The concept of designing a wedding gown went completely over her head, because her drag daughter sauntered down the runway in a sheer trash bag with feather trim. I’m not surprised that she delivered the worst performance again this week, but I am surprised she’s managed to stick around this long. She must hold a record for most consecutive weeks floating at this point.

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  • Snapper59

    Adore deserved to go last night certainly over Joslyn, who created a much better bride and “mother of the bride” from a contestant who did not even want to be there. But Ru is planning the big Australian Idol versus American Idol lip sync for your life moment. Saw the preview of the “puppet show” next week and BenDeLa kills it. If DeLa continues his strong comeback, she may be just as worthy as Bianca.

  • Snapper59

    Why didn’t you understand why Darienne’s bride wore black? Pay attention – the guy said from the beginning he wanted goth and wasn’t wearing white.

  • Blackceo

    The lip sync saved Adore and she did outshine Joslyn Fox in the lip sync, but I agree with Snapper59 that Adore was the one who deserved to go last night. If nothing else, when are these heffa’s going to stop going on RuPaul’s Drag Race with no sewing skills? Like you know after all these seasons that you are going to have to sew and Santino is going to READ you if your look is sloppy. Last night could’ve gone either way but Adore killed it in the lip sync and saved herself.

    As for Joslyn’s bride, I like those scenes with the guy being honest about being worried about what the guys in the locker room would think. The fact that he was there and went through with it though spoke volumes because I bet there are a lot of guys who wouldn’t. I also liked how he was willing to be educated and informed by the other contestants about misconceptions that he had. He really defended Joslyn at the end. However, that makeup job was horrible. WTF girl?!!

  • Cam

    You said….

    “I’m not even sure Darienne understood the challenge at hand. The concept of designing a wedding gown went completely over her head, because her drag daughter sauntered down the runway in a sheer trash bag with feather trim.”

    The guy stated flat out he wanted to go Goth and not wear white. I’m not a fan of Darienne, in fact she is irritating as hell, but to claim that Adore earned points for “A fiercely beat face” is absolutely idiotic.

    Joslyn’s guys color was off, but Adore’s looked like a 3 year old had stolen mommy’s make-up box. And Adore’s look herself wasn’t Mother of the bride.

    Much as it pain’s me to say, Darienne did far better than Adore and Joslyn. Try not to let your own biases color what actually happened on the screen.

  • Daveliam

    These recaps are a joke. Darriene did exactly what her “bride” asked for. She didn’t do it well, but she did meet his criteria and the criteria for the challenge. Should she have won? Hell no. Should she have been in the bottom, like you claim? Hell no. I’m starting to hate these recraps.

  • Cam

    Somebody on another site said they were at a viewing party hosted by Darienne and she said that they only had the make-up in their own kits to use.

    So Joslyn got the only African AMerican, could only use her own make-up and then the judges read her for not having the right skin tones on him? What B.S.

  • BD

    LOL. I’m surprised, after being taken to task by nearly all of the 50+ commenters last week, you continue to come for Ms. Darienne. Not only was she hilarious this week, she clearly out-performed Adore and Joslyn. You go girl!

    Queerty, your recaps are a hot biased mess! I’m available for next season.

  • HirsuteOne

    LOL more Darienne hate from QUEERTY.

    Adore’s guy had a “fiercely beat face”? Did we watch the same show?

  • stranded

    I feel like this was the worst makeover challenge. I don’t whether the guys were too butch or the Queens didn’t have the skill to paint their face.

  • moonwalker_jd

    I loved this episode!!! It made me cry. :’) And I thought the fact RuPaul made it about gays marrying straight couples in honor of gay marriage made totally sense. Honestly, I’m done with haters trying to bash RuPaul. THIS GUY IS THE ONLY ONE OUT THERE WHO IS ACTUALLY TAKING THE DEBATE OF GAY RIGHTS TO THE NEXT LEVEL!!! RuPaul’s Drag Race is not that show that used to be exclusively for gays anymore, RuPaul’s Drag Race is for everyone. boo-whoo To all those gays who feel betrayed by him, but this show is not about them, this show is about ACCEPTANCE AND TOLERANCE. That said, RuPaul’s a genius. (On another note, I’m glad Queerty took it down a notch with their hate towards Darienne. She’s a b!tch, get over it.)

  • rextrek

    In my opinion – the order thus far is Bianca, BenDeLaCrem, and Courtney …….Adore and Darien need to go ……Untucked was very good this week as well….

  • Cam

    @HirsuteOne: said…

    “Adore’s guy had a “fiercely beat face”? Did we watch the same show?”


    LOL! So true, his face looked like he had been ACTUALLY beaten.

  • Large Marge

    “Ms. Bianca Del Rio, this season’s obvious winner…”
    “Those keeping tally would argue that DeLa and Del Rio have racked up an equally impressive number of points this season, and it’s pretty much a race between these two ladies at this point.”

    So which is it? Either Bianca is the ‘obvious winner’ or it’s a ‘race between these two ladies.

    Anyway, I actually am doing the points and Darienne is going home next week.

    Current point standings
    Week 10 Points:Contestant
    38 Bianca
    36 Ben
    30 Adore
    30 Courtney
    23 Darienne
    22 Joslyn (eliminated)

    More at:

  • Vatican Lokey

    I’m no fan of Darienne. She reminds me too closely of toxic people I have loathed and abhorred over the years. But she is funny, and I thought her transformation of her guy was remarkable. Granted, he still looked like Michelle Visage grudge-f**ked Bonnie Tyler, but he still looked feminine and pretty in his own way (though, I did hate to see that epic beard go!)
    I disagree that Courtney’s butterflies theme was the only unifying theme on the runway. Both Bianca and BenDeLa trimmed their brides’ dresses in their predominant shades, and BenDeLa carried over the floral theme with her jabot and the single flower wrist corsage. Their walk was hysterical!

    Bianca, BenDeLa, and Courtney, win, place, and show.

  • hotshot70

    I still say Bianca is a pro and should be DQed from winning the $

  • drek

    Adore’s guy’s makeup was so bad I laughed and rewound it a couple times.

    Darienne made the dress her bride wanted… are you actually that oblivious?

    Who in the world writes these reviews that has so little knowledge about design, makeup, artistry, performance, how shows are narrated and yet is so opinionated? These reviews are so bad it makes me angry.

  • AxelDC

    I hate these “makeover’ episodes, as the queen with the least cooperative model always loses. Is it any wonder Joslyn went home? They gave her the only black model, for which she has no appropriate makeup. To make matters worse, he keeps fretting about what his co-workers will think, and then literally pukes offstage. Then they have the nerve to call her out on the fact that her model didn’t work out. Did his make up look bad? Yes, but does Bianca or Adore have appropriate makeup for black complexions in their bags?

    I am also tired of Michelle Visage ripping on Courtney for being “too pretty”. I’m sorry that a man is both a good looking man and far prettier as a woman than you can ever hope to be. Sure Courtney showed up the bride, but the bride’s dress was fantastic as was the hair and makeup, which matched well with Courtney’s butterfly outfit.

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