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It’s Been A 2-Year Wait, But Peter + Laurent Are Finally At Home With Baby Samuel

Belgian couple Laurent Ghilain and Peter Meurrens, who were finally reunited with their son Samuel after two heartbreaking years of being refused immigration papers after he was born in via surrogate in Ukraine, are now happily at home in France. And after two years of pampering Samuel, they say they want more kids. Above, visiting with the (finally) happy family, where Samuel is learning about life after an orphanage.

“At first it was almost too good,” says Peter. “The first three days, [Samuel] almost did not cry, he never complained. This had us worried. Maybe he was drilled a little too much in the orphanage?” Says Laurent: “We created a number of rituals, and that stabilized him a bit. We eat at a fixed time, he goes to bed at fixed times, we always read a little story at bedtime.” Adds Peter, “The first days at dinner, he stuffed food into his little pockets, probably because he was afraid he wouldn’t have food for the rest of the day.” And now, Samuel will feast on love.

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  • Jeffree

    We have to fight for commercial surrogacy the same way as for same-sex merriages. The prohibition of surrogacy is the violation of male gay rights! it’s time to stir this issue

  • kayla

    May God bless this little family. I wish them nothing but happiness.

  • sam

    What the hellw as it like in that orphanage if he was stuffing food into his pockets just in case….

  • Green Marker

    Seeing them with their child is incredibly heartwarming


    The absoute saddest part is that there are so many of the rightwing lunatic nutbags who would fight endlessly to make sure children stay in orphanages rather then be adopted into a stable loving home……….

  • Kyle

    That was beautiful.

  • alejandro

    @sam: you do realise it’s not just orphanages, foster care is like that as well. they are realy not good environmnents for kids…

  • Todd

    The funny this is that Belgium has gay marriage. All of this seems to be many European nations immigration laws( keep out eastern Europeans and Muslims)that make it very difficult for adopted children and surrogacy to get passports.

    It really is sad and this story isn’t likely all that unusual in many progressive European countries like Belgium.

  • DJ

    Awhh they make a cute family. Makes me want that someday. It’s funny because Sam looks more like daddy #2.

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