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It’s Easy for Gov Hopeful Andrew Cuomo to Promise Gay Marriage, the World

New York’s Attorney Andrew Cuomo, who by all accounts will become the state’s next governor, says same-sex marriage is doable in 2011. Well anything is doable IN THE FUTURE.

Cuomo, who backed civil unions but not marriage back in 2002 when he last ran, says he’ll push for the M-word during his first year in office. But bigger than that, when asked if he thinks it can pass, he told a reporter, “Do I think it can? Yes.”

That’s quite a claim in a state whose senate was held hostage by a small consortium of anti-gay Democratic senators. And while we’ve got high hopes for Tim Gill’s Fight Back New York, so far it’s managed only to oust Sen. Hiram Monserrate, and he had a face slashing to help that. The real test of FBNY’s power will be removing Sen. Ruben Diaz, who also happens to be Cuomo’s biggest obstacle to signing a gay marriage bill.

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