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It’s Official: Grey’s Loses Its Gay


After meandering about the future of his character, T.R. Knight appears to finally know his fate: It’s over. Grey’s Anatomy creator Shonda Rhimes and Knight grew plenty tense over the last few months (years?) with Knight and co-star Katherine Heigl publicly musing about their desire to leave the show. Now Knight knows the answer: George, who was last seen flat-lining in the season finale, isn’t coming back.

It all makes sense, given Knight asked in December to be let out of his contract. So the story goes, he was unhappy with not having a storyline, nor seeing much airtime.

So what’s next for the boyish 36-year-old? IMDB offers no clues, and gossip gay Marc Malkin says there’s no plans yet.

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  • dgz

    good move, TRK, jump off that burning ship! here’s hoping you can swim….

  • jessie

    It’s not official at all. It’s probably true, but it’s not official. TR Knight hasn’t said dick about if he is staying or going and neither has Shonda Rhimes/ABC. There have been rumours about this for ages.

    If he goes I can finally stop watching this crap.

  • mikeandrewsdantescove

    I simply don’t understand why gay characters always get thrown on the backburner.


    Check out Kory Gates in all his glory at –

  • naprem

    @mikeandrewsdantescove: He’s not a gay character – he’s a gay actor playing a straight character. Which doesn’t mean there might not be some ulterior motive why he’s getting the shaft – just get your facts straight.

  • Bitch, please!

    That probably means the end for him having a lucrative acting career as well. It is the primary reason why so many gay entertainers chose to stay in the closet. Doogie has a show, but not a high-rated one, if I am not mistaken. Gay actors rarely have successful acting careers after they come out. The public does not support them as “traditional” romantic leads or as action heroes. Sad, but a true reality.

  • adb

    @naprem: Excellent point. And it’s curious that no one’s mentioned they are promoting a lesbian character (the oddly named Arizona) to ‘series regular’ status next season. I’d rather have a gay character on the show than a gay actor…

  • Alex

    @Bitch, please!: It’s a little early to declare TJK’s career over (and even more so NPH’s). The whole television industry is pretty shaky right now, unless you’re on a procedural or reality show or singing contest (no gays on those). How I Met Your Mother is good, but no one watches sitcoms anymore (or at least adults don’t, NPR did a story about how there are a bunch of very traditionally produced sitcoms out there for kids).

  • Munsterbear

    @Bitch, please!:

    Have you not heard of Rock Hutson,Raymond Burr, Tyrone Power, Fairbanks, Cary Grant. As gay as christmas and a big box office draw.

  • alan brickman

    he doesn’t care about other gays and it shows…good move to boot him…

  • derrysf


    Unlike the actor being discussed here, none of the men you’ve named were out. Had any of these actors come out as bi or gay in their prime, their careers would have evaporated that same day.

  • Pedigru

    Best thing for TR to do is get the fuck out of there.

    Shonda blamed him for ABC firing Washington (something she didn’t want to do) and she literally wrote TR out of the show. When the interns (extras imho) had more airtime and lines then TR it was time for him to bail. It’s unfortunate it took this long before his contract was up.

  • Frank

    T. R. Knight is going back to his theatre roots and will star in the upcoming production of Jason Robert Brown’s Tony-winning Parade this fall at the Mark Taper Forum in Los Angeles

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