It’s Time For The Massacre of NY Sen. Ruben Diaz’s Reputation To Begin

When Fight Back NY, Tim Gill’s action group committed to ousting New York’s anti-gay lawmakers, announced its second target was Sen. Bill Stachowski, we wondered aloud, “What About That Jerk Ruben Diaz?” After all, Diaz is one of the primary ringleaders of New York’s bigot brigade, and wields more influence as a senior member of the senate. Well FBNY announces it’s on the case: Diaz is next on the group’s hit list.

With six weeks before New York’s primary, FBNY wants to know, “What’s behind these locked doors? We’re hiring expert researchers to find out what exactly is hiding in Ruben Diaz’s closet.”

On the plus side, the man wears his animosity for gays on his sleeve, so there’s little to hunt down in that department.