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It’s Time to Learn All the Personal Details About Adam Lambert’s Dating Life!

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“I’ve had my heart broken. I’ve chased after people and had it not work out. Throughout my entire 20s so far, I’ve wanted to be in love, that’s what I want. I think everybody deserves that. I’ve only been in love once, so I’m still looking.” That’s Adam Lambert in his latest interview, which is significant not for what Lambert has to say, but that we’re seeing the media (ABC News, in this case) get to ask questions about the personal lives and relationships of gay celebrities! What’s next, asking Neil Patrick Harris whether he’s a top?

As for why Lambert didn’t “come out” on the show? You know, aside from having very little opportunities dialogue other than his singing? “I am gay, and I’m very comfortable with it … ‘Come out’ is so funny to me because I’ve never been in. … I’ve always been out. I just chose to avoid it. I didn’t … I don’t feel closeted. Everybody that I worked with knew about my personal life. … I’ve been kind of toying around with the bi thing in my head. I wouldn’t ever give myself the label ‘bisexual,’ but bi-curious? Yeah. I’ve been known to make out with girls from time to time. Couple drinks involved, you know. It’s fun. And who knows? Maybe it’ll go further someday. I don’t know.”

UPDATE: The full interview arrives.