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It’s Time to Learn All the Personal Details About Adam Lambert’s Dating Life!

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“I’ve had my heart broken. I’ve chased after people and had it not work out. Throughout my entire 20s so far, I’ve wanted to be in love, that’s what I want. I think everybody deserves that. I’ve only been in love once, so I’m still looking.” That’s Adam Lambert in his latest interview, which is significant not for what Lambert has to say, but that we’re seeing the media (ABC News, in this case) get to ask questions about the personal lives and relationships of gay celebrities! What’s next, asking Neil Patrick Harris whether he’s a top?

As for why Lambert didn’t “come out” on the show? You know, aside from having very little opportunities dialogue other than his singing? “I am gay, and I’m very comfortable with it … ‘Come out’ is so funny to me because I’ve never been in. … I’ve always been out. I just chose to avoid it. I didn’t … I don’t feel closeted. Everybody that I worked with knew about my personal life. … I’ve been kind of toying around with the bi thing in my head. I wouldn’t ever give myself the label ‘bisexual,’ but bi-curious? Yeah. I’ve been known to make out with girls from time to time. Couple drinks involved, you know. It’s fun. And who knows? Maybe it’ll go further someday. I don’t know.”

UPDATE: The full interview arrives.

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  • dgz

    i don’t see why it’s a big deal to ask him about his dating life; straight celebs answer those same questions all the time.

  • myrios123

    Setting the record “straight”? Come on… ABC can do better than that. Don’t give them too much Adam, you don’t need to tell them everything. You’re already famous.

  • galefan2004

    So in short, Adam Lambert is your typical 20 something “bi-curious” guy that likes to get it on with dudes and dreams of meeting the dude to settle down with because the thought of being single his entire life scares the living hell out of him. Its amazing how you can be so famous and yet be so typical.

  • Jake the libertarian

    I gotta say, I think he is very likable. Exactly the kind of ‘mo we need out there. Gay or straight, I don’t think I know anyone who wouldn’t enjoy hanging out with him and being his friend. But my heart still belongs to NPH.

  • galefan2004

    BTW, I’m all for them asking NPH if he is a top or not.

  • mike

    The guy is a top. Cant you tell how straight he sounds. I think the guy who won AA was a better singer.

  • Bob

    Now he wants to try to play for the other team. Thanks Adam. You just knocked Gay men down another notch. You said that you were a proud Gay man but now you are bi-curious. I guess stating this will help your CD sales with the young stupid girls who will think that they can be the one to set you straight. Please decide which side of the bread your butter is on!!!

  • osocubano

    Who gives a flying fuck?

  • kevin Vancouver

    @Bob: i think Bob read the statement wrong, he is only identifying as bi curious as a gay man… hey Identifies as a gay man but sometimes is a lil curious about women…. thats different I believe then a str8 guy who wants to experiment with guys… make sense?? no? yes?

  • giovanni

    Still looking for love? Does the bf know it hasn’t been found yet? Its cool to see a young popular out gay man talk of such things on prime time t.v. The dude has accomplished a lot in a avery short period of time.

  • Reny

    @giovanni: “Still looking for love?”

    Isn’t it obvious? He is trying to trade up from his non-celebrity boyfriend.

  • AlwaysGay

    Adam, stop talking about your sexuality, you are overthinking and making a fool of yourself.

  • seriously?

    Is it only jaded old gay men who read this blog? Seriously. Just let the kid go. You want to know if he sucks dick just as much as the media does. Why care? He’s not gonna suck yours. If he even wants to identify as a heterosexual man who likes cock, that’s his biz. He’s not set anyone back. The world’s not as black and white as it was even 10 years ago. Bi is not really just a stepping stone to fagdom.

    And, besides, NPH is such a bottom–like me–but I’m sure, like me, he likes to fuck someone every once in a while. Hope I’m not setting bottoms back by saying that. ;)

  • Kid A

    @Bob: Come on, Bob, the whole gay media was clamoring for him to be “honest” and now that he is, you’re going to get pissed at him for it? And people wonder why there’s few visible bisexuals in the media.

  • I pliss

    @Bob: And so what if he says he is bi for record sales. Why shouldn’t he make money off of his “VOICE” not who he sleeps in bed with. this is so stupid. and #13 I totally agree with you.

  • galefan2004

    I’m all for Adam making money off of his voice. However, the only two people that were ever hugely successful from AI are Kelly Clarkson and Carrie Underwood. Carrie is in a class of her own because she hardly does AI style music. I know you guys want to believe that Adam is the second coming gift to music, but I just don’t see it. I don’t think he is that talented. The only time I’ve heard him “sing” I was much more likely to look for ear plugs than call it talent. He has to milk this gay thing for all its worth now so that he has some money to live on while he is shopping his record to every one that he possibly can as he becomes the next Britney Spears (in that Britney Spears is a talentless hack that relies on her image). I’m not being a shady older queen here. I’m just saying it how it is. Also, I’m sure I’m not the only one that went through the “bi-curious” 20s wondering if I could possibly find the right girl. At least Adam is honest about it.

  • Windyloo

    I don’t see why people get so bent out of shape when the man says he is gay but is curious about whether there might be a woman at some point he might want to give sex a try with. I know tons of people who feel that way- in the right circumstanes with the right person it might happen but it isn’t really my cup of tea. Ok by me. Also, his frank, funny, and very real seeming discussions about his life just make him more appealing. I love the fact that he knows how to work the media to his advantage while coming accross as a genuine great guy you would want to hang out with. That is talent in and of itself and will take him a long way. And I really love his voice. I bought three of his idol songs- Whole Lotta Love, Mad World, and Change is Gonna Come- and I listen to them all the time. They hold up well to rest of the music on my ipod.

  • Adam Sank

    I think Lambert gave perfectly reasonable answers to perfectly legitimate questions. Our celebrity-obsessed culture thinks nothing of questioning straight performers about these same personal issues (along with publicizing their every engagement, marriage, break-up, divorce, birth, death and so forth). So it’s a step in the right direction when a reporter asks a gay person about his relationships and gets an honest answer.

    When the media stop acting like being gay is a dirty secret, it will stop being one.

  • Aaron

    Howard Stern already asked Neil Patrick Harris about the whole top or bottom thing, he said both he and his boyfriend are versatile.

  • Kevin Gotkin

    ABC: “…asked him about his preferences…”

    Who you like is NOT a preference. I still don’t understand why news organizations often refer to sexuality as a “preference.” This is unacceptable.

  • fruxforte

    He’s just being honest. Give the guy a break. He’s still mostly gay.

  • Adam Sank

    Yeah, the “preference” thing annoyed me, too. It’s old-fashioned, and ABC should know better.

  • Brianna (sometimes Bri)

    @Kevin Gotkin: I seriously hate that too. ‘Preference’ my ass. If I prefer blue over green, that doesn’t rule out green. I still might like green. Refering to my sexual orientation as a “preference” is the same thing. It’s saying that I’m capable of being attracted to both sexes, but that I just like women more.

    If only these people think about what comes out of their mouths. Crack open a dictionary and look up the word ‘gay.’ And for that matter ‘straight.’

  • Dabq

    One day this sort of thing won’t need to happen, he’s a great looking talented guy and all this backwards country wants to know is who he sleeps with, ugh.


    Adams a very talented guy; gay,straight, bi, bi-curious, it makes no difference. He has the world in front of him and success is beating down his door.

    Truly Gay

  • Jay Pat

    he’s annoying. im over it. theres bigger things to be concerned about

  • nikko

    Good for Adam. He’s fantastic and brave, though I wish he didn’t discuss his sexuality so early on for fear of it affecting his singing success.

  • Prof. O. G. Whataschnozell

    Next up: His hairless hole perhaps?

  • christophe

    HE ALREADY SAID HE WAS GAY, and what Gay man hasn’t thought about having sex with a woman? (I guess you are the exception though) I know that even when I knew I was gay, I attempted a relationship with a girl just to see whether or not I would like it. Give him a break, and he is NOT setting gay people back one iota. Ones Sexuality doesn’t have to be exclusively one way or another just because your thinking is as closed minded as your straight counterparts are.

  • christophe

    @Brianna (sometimes Bri): So YOU are one of those who think being gay is a choice I guess? Its that kind of thinking that continues to keep us from being treated like we should be, EQUAL that is.

  • Em

    Well, you knew I would have to chime in on this one.

    I can see where some in the gay community might be bothered by the bi-curious stuff… but I dont think it is necessary. He is not saying that being “all gay” is bad or anything, sheesh he is trying to string along his fangirlies, and I, for one, thank him for that! LOL

    I am 100% straight woman…would I “do” another woman if the circumstances are right? Probably. Would it “turn” me gay? Probably not.

    Just business as usual, folks. I read about Angelina’s baby bump or Kristen Steward smokin’ pot outside her house, or that Paris is fucking that Cristiano guy… I wanna know who adam finds hot. Intrusive? Maybe…but that’s the nature of the beast.


  • Gurlene

    My lord how times have changed. The celebrity whom I would hand the prize of milking the “is he, or isn’t he” question for at least a billion dollars is Prince and Luther Vandross. Neither were sexually stimulating but both were extremely talented. Both were booed off stages at one time in their lives and came back with a vengance.

    Less than 5 years after being booed of the stage at the Apollo theatre in Harlem children were made with their parents having sex while listening to Luther in their bedrooms. Luther was clearly gay but never broadcast it because of his audience and he was smart from a business sense for looking at it that way. Miserable mentally but hey, he rode in a chauffered Rolls and rivaled Liberace (but no where near as gaudy) in homes and jewlery.

    Unfortunately his loneliness was also what helped with his demise. He kept going from plump to borderline bodybuilder and that up and down see saw was too much for his blood pressure to take and led to his massive strokes. He just could not find happiness with being big, jolly Luther. Some people are simply big-boned and the chiseled michelangelo sculptured look is not for them. Six pac be damned he had to know (or at least suspect) whomever it was he hooked up had their eye on his money and fame more than just him.

    As for Prince I smoked many a joint while flying down the 101 in Los Angeles in my 1985 Ford Ranger with Let’s go Crazy blasting through the speakers. He told his story with the classic “Controversy”.

    Let’s face it folks. Prince was talented and he knew how to work both a crowd and controversy. He pumped it for billions until he simply got old as far as music goes. He was one of the few celebrities who made TEN OF MILLIONS PER YEAR and gave NO interviews. Not even a BARBARA WALTERS interview until after 2000, well over 20 years after he burst on the scene. He went from being booed off the stage opening for the Rolling Stones back in 1982 to selling out concerts IN LESS THAN AN HOUR after tickets went on sale. Streets were blocked off and extra screens posted when he did the Today show two years back and sang three songs.

    If I were Adam I wouldn’t have told them shit. I would have left hint after hint such as singing a love song clearly aimed at a woman while staring into the eyes of a guy on stage. No kid, you should have shut up and kept them guessing. Being (or claiming) to be bi-sex does open more doors but you forgot one thing, you can sing. And people do like you. You just blew millions by revealing what was no ones business.

    In order to bring in the mega bucks like Prince and Luther you must appeal to a broad audience to rake in the BIG bucks and no gay star with the exception of Elton John has done that. George Michael came close until his drug use got completely out of hand. it. We all knew and personally didn’t care. Or at least I didn’t.

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