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Jake Gyllenhaal Gets Hit Hard, Clint Eastwood Mocks Caitlyn Jenner

Years & Years, featuring the spellbinding vocals of out singer Olly Alexander, will undoubtedly be your favorite new band before the year is out. The British electronica trio have dropped another video ahead of the July 10 domestic release of their terrific debut album Communion. Check out the clip for “Shine” below.

Attorneys who represented Michael Egan (below), the former aspiring actor who claimed he was abused by Hollywood power players including blockbuster director Bryan Singer, have apologized for the lawsuits and say they believe the allegations were untrue.


Adam Lambert‘s new album The Original High, with the gorgeous lead single “Ghost Town,” is probably his best yet. You can listen to it ahead of its official release here.


You’d think that at 83, Clint Eastwood would know when to keep his trap shut about things he obviously doesn’t understand, but the Oscar-winning director took a cheap shot at Caitlyn Jenner from the stage at the Spike TV’s Guys’ Choice Awards on Saturday. Fortunately, the “joke” will be excised when the show is aired later this month.

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Twenty-two year old singer Alyxx Dione has been writing her material since she was 11. “Chingalinga,” her debut single featuring Jason Derulo, shows that her misspent youth wasn’t so misspent.

Sizzy Rocket (below) is just your everyday, run-of-the-mill, phallus-obsessed pop princess. Check out her NSFW video here.


It’s too soon to give Jake Gyllenhaal all the best actor awards for what appears to be a ferocious turn as a down-on-his-luck boxing champ in the hard-hitting drama Southpaw (out July 24), but the new trailer announces we may already have a contender.

Maybe you remember Ricky G as lead vocalist for the ’90s boy band No Authority. Now he’s back, all grown-up and glammed out as Ricky Rebel with a hot new club track “Star” featuring a remix by superstar DJ/producers Tommy Love and Hector Fonesca.

The story arc of closeted Thomas Barrow on Downtown Abbey is intended to elicit audience sympathy, according to creator Julian Fellowes. “And what I wanted to do was to remind, particularly our younger viewers, that within not just living memory, but it was only half a century ago that in England, homosexuality ceased to be illegal,” Fellowes told a panel at the Writers’ Guild in L.A. “Before that time, if you were homosexual you were living under a permanent constraint to possible arrest and, having been arrested and having been charged, the end of your career.”

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