Jamaicans Continue Anti-Gay Ways

More anti-queer madness in Jamaica, where an angry mob beat a transvestite over the weekend. The unidentified man had been walking through a public square when someone called him out as a cross-dresser.

Within minutes, a group of bashers swarmed to wreak their homo-hating havoc:

The news of the man’s presence in the community spread rapidly and in a matter of minutes scores of angry residents converged on the scene and began to rain blows all over the cross-dresser’s body with sticks, stones and whatever weapon they could find.

The man has since been hospitalized. He’s hardly safe, however. Police confirm that people have gathered outside the hospital to finish what they started.

This attack’s just one in a series of violent homophobic crimes in Jamaica. Most recently, a group of mourning ‘mos found themselves under fire during a friend’s funeral. Before that, a group of queens were run out of a neighborhood festival for dancing on stage. These and other crimes like them have spurred The Caribbean Anti-Violence Project to initiate a website, which will discuss anti-gay stigmas and provides a forum to report hateful crimes.

Mob Beats Cross-Dresser
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