James Franco Has No Gag Reflex. Just Sayin’

james francoHarmony Korine’s Spring Breakers isn’t just the movie where Selena Gomez blows her good-girl image out of the water. It’s the movie where Jame Franco gives a blowjob to a handgun.

In the first of several three-ways, Franco performs some very impressive deep throat on two of his character’s pistols after the girls turn the tables on him and shove them in his mouth.

“Most people can’t get past that gag reflex at the back of the throat,” I say.

“Guess I’m a natural,” he says with a laugh. “It was my first time.”

“So that wasn’t you in The Broken Tower?”

“Oh shit, you’re right!” Franco’s eyes light up. “It wasn’t my first time.”

“You’re known for going the extra mile, but that was, what, a good eight inches?”

He gives me a get-real look. “That was a dildo.” Then he turns that look back on himself, and I see the real James Franco: “If I’d had the guts, it woulda been real.”

Personally, we’d think a human penis would be more palatable than a gun, but what do we know?

Source: Details via D-Listed