James Franco Posts Nude Selfie, Quickly Deletes It

BmmjFv7IcAAP_9aWe already know that James Franco never sleeps (except in the middle of a tedious university course), but now he’s trying to keep everyone up at night by posting incredibly revealing photos on Instagram. The actor, currently starring in the Broadway revival of Of Mice and Men, not to mention a gazillion other artsy projects, was apparently feeling randy and exhibition-y late tonight so he let everyone know he’s not a fan of waxing (hooray!) and snapped a selfie with his white beige boxer-briefs strategically lowered to the base of … his pubic region, with his right hand discreetly covering his unmentionables. Fortunately for everyone, the folks at Jezebel were on late night Franco patrol and made a screen grab of the Playgirl-friendly pic. The photo was quickly removed from the actor’s Instagram account and it’s unknown whether Franco had second thoughts about revealing so much or if Instagram deleted it. Whatever the reason, God bless Franco and Jezebel.

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