WATCH: Jamie Kuntz, Gay Football Player Kicked Off For Kissing His Geriatric Lover, Speaks Out

Poor Jamie Kuntz. Aside from his vaginally-suggestive last name, the former North Dakota State College of Science linebacker was kicked off his team for lying and “causing a distraction” after he was caught kissing his significantly older boyfriend during an away game.

Kuntz contends that there are other players who have lied and  done much worse but were still allowed to play and he is backed up by Misty Benjamin, a longtime resident of Wahpeton where NDSC is located. Benjamin’s brother was gay and committed suicide seven years ago, so Jamie’s story has had particular resonance for her.

While the school claims that its decision was not based on the sex of Kunt’z paramour, their age difference might have had some bearing. Even Jamie’s mother, who is otherwise supportive of her son’s sexuality, questions her son dating a 65-year-old. A gay football player is already a hard pill for a small town — or a large country, for that matter — to swallow, but add a Harold and Maude dynamic and we’re entering “The Discomfort Zone.”

Actually, we’re probably  bypassing “The Discomfort Zone” and crashing head-on into the “I Don’t Really Want to Talk About This Zone.”

Kuntz hopes to play for another college and if anything, would like NDSC to admit that it was wrong in kicking him off the team. Check out the video interview above from SBNation for more on the trials and tribulations of Jamie Kuntz.