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Jane Lynch Was Involved In Every Major Civil Rights Battle, Including Lindsay Lohan’s Defense

Last night Jane Lynch hosted The Do Something Awards, a team up between VH1 and, where awards were given out to celebrities and shows and things that could, somehow, be tied to doing good. Which isn’t why Glee won: It was in Jane’s contract.

The show was actually quite funny, surprisingly. Maybe because producers didn’t have to worry about things like substance and glitz, but with rewarding positivity. Also, Matt Bomer was there! He always gives me the giggles. This was an awards show for the sake of having an awards show — and rewarding actual do-gooders — in an era where opulence is out, populace is in!

And dare I say it: Might we soon see a battle between Jane and Neil Patrick Harris for the most lucrative hosting gigs? Because she killed.