Janet Jackson Knows The Trevor Project’s Phone Number By Heart

Janet Jackson, the professional soft speaker, is among the many celebrity endorsers of The Trevor Project — though she says she was never bullied. Which, uh, I find impossible to believe because Janet herself has talked about how she was bullied about her weight on the 1970s series Good Times. By adult television producers. She was “developing” too quickly, so they bound her breasts during filming, and she’s dealt with body image issues her entire life. Sounds like childhood torment to me.

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  • Jack

    Love you, Janet!

  • Tricky

    Yes, love Janet too. Coming around slowly on the hair though, not that she asked me for my opinion. Good to see her lending her name to this as well.

  • tjr101

    Love Janet. I always preferred Janet over her more illustrious older brother.

  • the crustybastard

    That is one beautiful lady.

    Nice-looking, too.

  • Avenger

    She memorized it before the interview…

  • The Artist

    Okay can I just say how much I HEART Janet and it’s not because of this stuff. She’s just Ms. Jackson, if your NASTY! PEACELUVNBWILD!

  • Jack

    @Avenger: What a stupid comment. Of course she memorized it at some point before the interview, she wasn’t born with the number already in her mind. Moron.

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