Japanese Trans Model Kayo Police Kicks Butt At Street Fighter

Super-cute Japanese pop personality Kayo Police turns heads everywhere she goes. So it’s no surprise that the model, TV presenter and top Street Fighter player drew plenty of attention when she showed up in Las Vegas last weekend for Evolution 2011, the world’s largest fighting-game tournament, to host, play and make straight boys sigh longingly.

Did we mention Kayo was born a boy?

There are few enough women in the serious gaming world, but for a transgender female to show up and own the place is definitely newsworthy. Of course, the  coverage isn’t always as evolved as you’d hope and pronoun confusion is rampant, but it seems like Kayo (a.k.a. Kayo Satoh) takes it all in stride. Maybe that calibrated combination of adorable English-lessness, fetishy schoolgirl outfits and superior gaming skill is a formerly untried method of turning baffled boys into comrades?(Probably a better way than including a slutty, homocidal post-op assassin in Street Fighter Vs. Tekken.) Kayo even charmed a marriage proposal out of her mega-bearded co-commentator (see video above). It’s progress… of a sort.