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Jason Morris Meads Stomped 14-Year-Old Jeff Whittington To Death. He Was Just Released From Prison

Jason Morris Meads, the 36-year-old convicted in New Zealand’s anti-gay stomping murder of 14-year-old Jeff Whittington, was released after serving 11 years of his life sentence. Along with his co-conspirator Stephen James Smith, the pair bragged about killing a “faggot” after the murder. Whittington, who was pronounced dead a day after the attack, was found with boot marks on his body; he has suffered brain damage and a ruptured colon. The gays are not pleased with Meads’ early release.

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  • Charlie

    Only 11 years for brutally murdering a fourteen year old kid… Doesn’t seem right.

  • ousslander

    did less time than the kid was alive. disgusting. I would taqke him out, if it was my son or daughter

  • John

    A good example of why I support the death penalty. If it had been used in this case there would be no worries about the SOB being released, let alone any other gays being put at risk.

  • Shannon

    WHAT??? No thinks he is “HAWT”…..or “SECI”…..or ” you would do anything to have him”?…..shocked..

  • Gigi

    It’s early yet Shannon.

  • Riker

    @Shannon: Shannon, what are you whining about now? Your posts are always barely comprehensible and even less relevant.

  • Jeffree

    @Riker: Shannon can’t write *or* think clearly. Maybe she’s auditioning for a job at Q’ty?

    And back on topic: the “early release” sounds like a horrible idea. I wouldn’t be surprised if Meads returns to a life of bashing….

  • Riker

    @Jeffree: Hopefully, the criminal justice system did its job properly and rehabilitated this offender. If not, we’ll probably be hearing about him in a few months.

  • Cam


    Honestly I’m not concerned about his rehabilitation. This is about his punishment and about keeping others safe.

    That poor family.

    As for Shannon, hey Shannon, what is interesting, is that in your attempt to try to point fingers at posters here for not taking certain subjects seriously, you yourself are the only one that mocked the subject matter of this post.

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