Jason Priestley Talks Penis Pumps And Brad Pitt With Andy Cohen

Beverly Hills 90210 star Jason Priestley appeared on Watch What Happens Live last night and chatted with Andy Cohen about everything from Shannen Doherty’s redeeming qualities (we didn’t know she had any), to living with Brad Pitt in the late ’80s, to their third roommate’s penis pump (say what?!).

During a rousing game of “Plead the Fifth,” Andy asked the former teen heartthrob to name “three nice things about Shannen Doherty.” Without missing a beat, he described his former 90210 co-star as “a good actress,” “fearless” and “fun.” Who knew?

Then Andy asked what the “most homoerotic thing that went on” while he was roomies with Brad Pitt in 1987.

“Like, did you guys ever wrestle?” Andy asked.

“No, there was no wrestling,” Priestly answered.

Then he added: “But the third roommate in that apartment, Bernie, he had a penis pump that he bought because he thought it was going make his cock bigger.”

He continued: “He used to go in the bathroom and put this thing on and we can hear it making the pumping noise.”

Then Andy asked: “Did you guys ever try it?”

See Priestly’s response to the question below.