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Jay Manuel Thinks That Marc Jacobs And Tom Ford Would Not Make A Good Power-Gay Couple

Rumors of Marc Jacobs’ dalliance with porn star Harry Louis notwithstanding, Millionaire Matchmaker Patti Stanger recently used her prominent position as America’s dating expert to speculate that Marc and Tom Ford would make a great couple.

When we approached America’s Next Top Model coach Jay Manuel to ask if they were a match made in heaven, he took Patti down a notch.

“Oh, no, that wouldn’t work!” Jay said to Queerty at Diet Pepsi Style Studio Fashion Show presented by Simon Doonan at The Box at Lincoln Center. “Tom’s so particular and fussy, and between him and Marc Jacobs, the two of them, such control freaks—it wouldn’t work.”

We asked if Jay was calling Marc messy, and he clarified.

“No, I think Marc is very put together,” said Jay. “He actually used to live in my building, and he always looked great. Tom likes everything totally buttoned up.”

What do you guys think? Could Marc and Tom make it werq?

Photo via Joella Marano