Jeff Ranieri Looking For A Shiner?

Sunday mornings aren’t our strong suit, so we missed the “God’s day” edition of NBC’s Today. An early bird reader, however, caught the chat fest, including a queer technical difficulty involving rumored homo Jeff Ranieri.

…Audio went out over the air which clearly was not meant for a national audience.

During the last segment, the package audio dropped. Background noise and talking could be heard. Then a very clear, and relatively loud male voice started talking. He referred to “Jeff,” presumably NBC Weather Plus meteorologist Jeff Ranieri, who’s been covering the floods in the Midwest for Today. The same voice then said, “He asked me if I could give him a shine after the show,” and then, after a flurry of laughter from males in the background, “I had to draw the line somewhere.”

True, Ranieri’s rumored to be a bit pink and, from what this reader says, apparently his journalistic colleagues are up on the gossip.

As if this sound snafu isn’t convincing enough, check out who Ranieri’s NBC profile lists as his “biggest inspiration:” “My mom. She has always been able to take on the biggest of challenges and overcome anything that may come her way.” A grown man lauding his mama?

Yeah, definitely light in the loafers…