Jersey Shore‘s Ronnie Fulfills Guido Stereotype (Of Being a Homophobe)

Ronnie Magro, of MTV’s Jersey Shore, appears in new “unseen footage” from one of his eventful nights walking on the Seaside Heights boardwalk. (This scene did air, but MTV edited out the worst parts.) Among his choices of antagonizing phrases? “Fucking faggot” and “fucking queer.” Fucking juicehead.

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  • Joshua

    i have to start out by saying that i’m sad that i actually watched the show….it was bad enough not to turn off….but this WAS aired on the show…i remember this fight distinctly and besides the horrible abuse in repeating scenes over and over….that exact footage was show on one of the episodes.

  • Helen Lawson

    Joshua is right. This scene was aired. This isn’t unaired. It’s just re-edited.

  • Acem

    Come on, is anyone really all that surprised?

  • kevinvancouver

    wow what a shocker… it’s sad that fuckin losers like that have their moronic atrocious self indulgent behavior rewarded with the adulation and fandom of america’s youth ! KUDOS!!

  • terrwill

    MTV is one of the Gay friendliest channels on the TVs. They consistently have Gay charachters in virtually every show they air. The Gays portrayed are shown to the impressionable high percentage of teens watching as no different than their straight counterparts. So before the MTV bashing begins please consider that. That being said they have no control over the behaviour of some of the castmembers. They made a big mistake by rehiring the same cast for the next season of the show. These seven are so well known and easily identified that they will attract a crowd every where they go.

    ACEM was right on target with his post. Ronnie is the least attractive member of the show and has a bit of a weight issue (Ronnie, that means your’re ugly and fat)

    And I believe that they actually do have a potential Gay cast member of the Shore…….Am putting my bets on Vinnie being a Gayuido one of these days………

  • Lucas


    Vinnie, Pauly and Mike all ping my gaydar as at least bi. From the moment I watch the show those three stood out for me.

  • jason

    MTV might be gay-friendly in parts but it’s also very homophobic at other times. As such, it doesn’t qualify as a true friend of the gay community.

    MTV is trying to have it both ways by currying favor with the gay community as well as with bigots and homophobes. As far as I’m concerned, MTV can fuck off.

  • Taylor Siluwé

    No. 5 · terrwill

    I’ve never seen an episode of this show. I’m proud of that. Minstrel shows where talentless nobodies get elevated into the stratosphere for being the most arrogant and offensive make me ill.

    Still – like the typical American couch potato I am – I know if I watched one episode I’d get hooked by its smoldering train-wreck appeal.

    So I don’t watch. But now, since I hear about a possible Gayuido … ;-)

  • terrwill

    @jason: Jason, their Gay pluses byfar outnumber their minuses. Almost every season of Real World has had a Gay cast member (once two). Almost every other show including game shows, dating shows, and reality shows feature Gays. And MTV does not only portray the stereotypical nelly queeny token fag. Current RW has Mike, who is just now taking baby steps out of the closet, yet is a very attractive articulate guy. Because a drunken meathead makes stupid comments doesn’t negate all the good MTV did and does……….

  • dvlaries

    Never watched ‘reality’ TV; never will.
    And you know what? Life can still be happy without it.

  • Cassandra

    The ironic thing is that “Jersey Shore” has re-awakened the slumber anti-Italian prejudices in mainstream culture.

    “Guido” is a pejorative, like any other, that had fallen out of usage along with the “dumb italian” jokes. Now on pop culture sites like I-Am_Bored and Cracked, Jersey Shore=Guido=douchebag equals everything shallow, crass, dumb, self-centered and vain.

    Another year of Jersey Shore or so, and ‘That’s so gay’ will be replaced with ‘That’s so Guido’.

    Karma is a jilted cougar.

  • afrolito

    Never watched this moronic show.

  • Taylor Siluwé

    No. 11 · Cassandra

    Jilted Cougar?! I’ve never seen ‘karma’ so perfectly animated. Awesome!

  • B

    No. 2 · Helen Lawson : “Joshua is right. This scene was aired. This isn’t unaired. It’s just re-edited.”

    … just out of curiosity, was all the repetition on the program or were they doing multiple takes as they walked along so they could pick the “best” (worst?) segment?

  • OrchidIslander

    Gee: a testosterone laden, early 20’s, stereotypical self-proclaimed “Guido,” living the life at ground zero for young (and mostly embarrassing) straights calls an antagonist “Queer” and “Faggot!”

    Big Whoop, did you really expect for him to be any other way?

  • sal(the original)

    huh?!…….tv show huh wowwwwwwwwwwwwww

  • Michael

    The editing on this clip is beyond annoying. Ronnie needs to get a clue the only guys who utter the f-word are ones who have their own queer issues to deal with.

  • Pygar

    @terrwill: Very mature to attack his looks and weight.

  • terrwill

    @Pygar: Very sad you have no sense of humor…………

  • scottscott

    I don’t think that the use of derogatory gay expletives necessarily indicates homophobia. And neither should you.

    Calling a guy a fag is the easiest way to hurt his ego and cause him pain. simple.

    I don’t know if Ronnie’s a phobe or not.

    Just putting that out there.

  • Ronny

    Why does the fags need to be on every show?

  • rdiggity1

    Ding, Ding, Ding, WINNER!

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