the shot

Jesse Archer & Friends Cannot Keep Their Clothes On

THE SHOT — Jesse Archer, the actor and Out columnist, who in October claimed the MTA police beat him into a blackout after her performed a cartwheel in Grand Central Station, appearing in artist Paul Richmond’s upcoming “Cheesecake” series, “a tribute to slasher film victims who can’t keep their clothes on,” which will debut in Chicago in June (details here). You know Richmond’s work from his naughty Christmas pieces — and he tells Queerty he’s adding Mike Ruiz, Jack Mackenroth, and Ari Gold to the list of Cheesecakes.

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  • REBELComx

    So… uh… when’s Queerty gonna feature Sean McGrath’s writing and my artistic talent on the new web comic “Rise of the Pink Ninjas” which is on Sean’s blog

  • alan brickman

    maybe he was a famewhore after all…..

  • Sam

    Wow. One picture, cropped five ways. Way to rack up the pointless click thrus, Queerty!

  • Aaron in Honolulu

    I know, what’s with the multiple close ups? Useless.

  • REBELComx

    @Aaron in Honolulu: Exactly. His work is okay, but it’s definitely not detailed enough to warrant multiple closeups. It’s not like there are any textures or a fine brush strokes. Maybe Queerty wanted to just do the gratuitous crotch shot and decided to try to balance it out.

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