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JetBlue Flight Attendant Steven Slater Escapes From Jail (Legally)

Instead of spending the night on Rikers Island, (former?) JetBlue flight attendant and national underdog Steven Slater has been released after scrambling together the cash to pay his $2,500 bond. After telling reporters, “I’m a hero!,” it’s now time to go back home to his boyfriend in Rockaway and resume the sweet lovemaking that was interrupted by the police.

PHOTOS: Awesome Flight Attendant Steven Slater Wearing His Best JetBlue Blues

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  • Baxter

    He and the Barefoot Bandit should be on the Amazing Race.

  • Jeffree

    Reminds me of the old country song: “Take this job & shove it, I ain’t working here no more.” I’m thinking Waylon Jennings but maybe I got the wrong singer.

    I do wonder if the passenger who attempted to remove her baggage from the overhead bin before the pilot gave the “all clear” announcement was charged as well………….

  • Mike L.

    He’s awesome, I woulda seriously pimpslapped and then proceded to bitchslap with the same hand in a continuous forawrd and then backwards motion that passenger if he or she had done me wrong the way he or she did to Mr Slater.

  • Mike L.

    @Mike L.: screw ya’ll btches that don’t agree Hahaha! But in all seriousness I wouldn’t have done any of that not even what he did, that’s why he’s my hero :)

    One can only take so much sht from ppl who don’t respect you as a fellow human being and just mistreat you just b/c you are serving them. Some ppl are a-holes when in they feel like they have some power over others.

  • Edfu

    The “New York Post” has reported that he “told authorities” that he was HIV-positive.

  • Phil

    @Edfu: I don’t see how that has anything to do with anything.

  • MrEguy

    What is going to happen to the woman that instigated the incident? Who allegedly caused him to be hit with the luggage and then called him a “goddamn mother-fucking faggot”?! Assaulting a flight attendant on an aircraft in the USA is a federal offense. Why aren’t they prosecuting this passenger? I haven’t heard a mention of this anywhere.

  • Ryan

    He’s not a hero, he’s a crazy person. First the Barefoot Bandit, now this guy. Why are we celebrating people who act like lunatics? Oh, well. They’re both going to jail for a long time.

  • Michael

    A very funny story. By now, he’s probably got every beer company in the world begging him with a big contract to do a commercial.

  • Billy

    Why are we wasting our time on these people? No wonder the world is so F’ed up. We should be looking for real criminals or fighting hunger not caring whether some guy wanted to act like a dumbass. He should not have taken up any time, just had to pay a fine to charity, server community service, and apologize. Let the courts and police do their job with real problems.

  • Joseph

    He is a disgrace to other FAs. Really? We all get mad, but it’s called get the douche that hit you with a bag arrested.

  • SouLKid

    I fucking love this guy.

  • christopher di spirito

    Slater rocks.

    Imagine some dumb-ass passenger yanks her luggage out of the overhead and knocks him in the head and she can’t even bother to say, “OMG, I’m so sorry! Are you OK?”

    If the Feds go after Slater, then there’s no hope for this country.


    @Jeffree: J…..excellent call on the luggage lunatic lady who couldn’t wait in her seat for two minutes………….I can never understand why in the world people need to spring up and cram into the aisles to get off the plane. If simply sat on their butts and disembarked aisle by aisle it would go much quicker…………thats just me, I always want to make sure I read all the so very interesting articles in the airlines inflight magazine………

    @christopher di spirito: Co-Sign, she is one of the ones I am talkin’ ’bout above :-p …….my only concern is that some repugnatican prosecutor is gonna wanna gain some favor with the frightwing lunatics by going after Slater only because he is Gay………..


    BTW…Now that he is umemployed he may want to re-connect with his long lost Daddy Michael Kors (good lord only knows how that could have occured) for some financial assistance after his “Project Runway Escape”……….:-p

    (gotta give assist on that one to Jeffree and Kevin B)

  • Ryan

    So. Christopher, it’s okay to freak out and totally inconvenience a plane full of people because of one rude customer? Really? If someone pisses me off at my job, can I curse out everyone there and then pull the fire alarm? What kind of world would that be?

  • Mr. Enemabag Jones


    Reminds me of the old country song: “Take this job & shove it, I ain’t working here no more.” I’m thinking Waylon Jennings but maybe I got the wrong singer.

    That was Johnny Paycheck. They even made a movie around the song in the late seventies.


    @Mr. Enemabag Jones: Wonder if his last name had anything to do with that particular tune??

  • christopher di spirito

    @Ryan: OK Ryan. Stop by later and I’ll drop my fully-loaded luggage on your head, not say “sorry” and thus give you the world experience you crave. LMAO!

  • hephaestion

    Well, Steven Slater is definitely a hero to me. All of us who work with “the public” know that there are plenty of assholes out there who heap abuse upon everyone they can get away with abusing. And when your workplace forces you to endure such maltreatment with a smile, it eats away at your soul and rage builds inside you. I wish ONE fucking workplace in America would allow its employees to say “FUCK YOU. GET OUTTA HERE!” to customers who heap un-due abuse upon them.

  • hephaestion

    If Jet Blue was smart, they’d hire Steven Slater for a fun TV ad campaign. He could say “Fly Jet Blue… but don’t mess with me!” Their company stock would skyrocket.

  • B has the scoop on how they arrested him. Not only did they disturb his boyfriend, but they sent a helicopter, a SWAT team, and hundreds of police officers. A neighbor living across the street said, “They acted like they were capturing Osama bin Laden.”

    That was a total waste of the taxpayer’s money. They should have sent a squad car and one officer (maybe two if he needed company), or just phoned and asked him to drop by the station.

  • Jeffree

    @Mr Ebag Jones: Thanks! I really should have known that! I now lose all credibility as a “hick”. Put a quarter in the jukebox at our local pub, and I think that song is still at A-19!
    — —
    Based on today’s news reports Mr. Slater’s story may have some holes in it re: what happened with the passenger, but only time will tell.

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