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Jews Didn’t Kill Jesus, Pope Says. Maybe The Gays Did?

Just in time for the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops removing all references of “booty” be removed from upcoming Bible editions (it’ll replaced by “spoils,” as in “spoils of war,” because “booty” is too naughty; and “holocaust” will become “burnt offering”), the first of which hits next week on Ash Wednesday, Pope Benedict XVI has delivered an even more startling declaration from Rome: The Jews aren’t at fault for Jesus dying. In His Holiness’ upcoming tome Jesus of Nazareth-Part II, the pope lets the Jews off the hook (and effectively rules centuries of persecution were for naught), since there is no basis in Scripture to blame all of Jewish-kind. I sure hope John Galliano got a galley of this one.

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  • DJ

    This is why the bible IS NOT meant to be lived by. Stuff is constantly being changed by man and if the pope is changing shit now, don’t you think many before him changed stuff too? And words like “spoils” could mean something totally different in the future.

  • TomMc

    Good for him!

    This, coupled with his pronouncement – a few months back – that condoms are okay to prevent disease makes him a less regressive pontiff than one would have expected.

    Now if they could just just ease up on that “intrinsically disordered” stuff…?

    p.s. Queerty, queerty, queerty…

    Until he says *we’re* ‘responsible’ please do try to go less-harsh with the headlines?

  • DavyJones

    @DJ: Well your second point there is exactly *why* the language is being changed. At the time when ‘booty’ was chosen it meant something different than it does today.

    Obviously the books weren’t originally even written in English, so believing in a particular translation and interpretation of the Bible (or any holy book, or none at all) is a matter of individual faith…

  • Humma

    Julian Assange and John Galliano will just have to agree to disagree with the Pope on that one.

  • GetBalance

    Nothing good can come from people believing hurtful controversial unsubstantiated info based on faith. The Bible represents a pandoras box best kept tightly closed regarding such issues, which are many.

  • Harbo

    As if it really matters!!

  • Scott

    Kind of figured the title was inaccurate. Aren’t there better websites out there for us?

  • Boner

    The Hippies killed Jesus and made the Catholics rape little boys, just ask the Pope.

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