Vice President Joe Biden Gushes For The Gays In Provincetown

Many of you have advanced civil rights at great expense. If I had to use one adjective to describe this community it’d be courage. You have summoned the courage to speak out, to come out. We owe you….You are freeing the soul of the American people.”

Vice President Joe Biden addressing the attendees of a fundraiser held in the perennial gay haven Provincetown this Sunday via Cape Cod Online

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  • yaoming

    Isn’t “courage” a noun?

  • Neo

    @yaoming: Used in a singular it’s fine.

    He’s also spot on, gay rights are one of the last shackles of the religious rights doctrine, people deserve a fair and balanced and better America, and the world needs it, as our government in the UK are complete lapdogs to US tyranny we pull for the best we can get and that is Obama and Biden.

    The world is banking on the US making the right choice in November by voting Democrat, don’t kill the world economy and civil rights in loads of countries by putting that mormon nutter and his rape-free pals into the white house.

  • manjoguy

    Joe Biden is a dufus and just pandering to the gays for votes. Read the book “Barack Obama and the Enemies Within” by Trevor Loudon and you’ll see that Obama is not right for the country. Maybe marriage equality won’t come in the next four years but we can deal with that in ‘016 if the Democrats put up a candidate who’s patriotic and believes in our country. Obama is a socialist. Even though I am gay I don’t want to see our country go in that direction.

  • JosephHill


    YES…! It’s bad enough that the mainstream media have unilaterally LIMITED our “choices” to Republicans and Democrats. Neither party represents me. I’m tired of seeing my Queer friends acquiescing to the idea of voting for the Lesser of ‘two’ evils–neither of which is good (or, for that matter, much different from each other!).

    Sure, Obama is much less ‘evil’ on many issues….particularly LGBTQ issues (now that it has become ‘safe’ to support us); but he is just as much a willing prisoner of the Corporatocracy that rules ALL mainstream politics in this country as are the Republicans!

    If we don’t get out from under this accursed ‘two’-party duopoly, how can we call our country a ‘democracy’?! There are other political parties which have supported the LGBTQ community steadfastly and unapologetically for years [the GREEN Party comes to mind]; and many of these parties ALSO support a much more progressive agenda than the DNC is ‘allowed’ to by their corporate masters.

    We The People SHOULD be out in the streets (like the OCCUPY Movement) demanding that alternative parties are not only given a fair chance to appear on our ballots, but also some degree of equal access to media coverage. I’m willing to bet that at least half of the American electorate aren’t aware that other parties even exist. The ‘two’ party system has become virtually institutionalized in the public consciousness as if it were ordained by The Founders and “Our” Constitution.

  • JosephHill


    “No. 3 · Neo · Member · 44 comments

    @yaoming: Used in a singular it’s fine.

    Full story here:

    No way is “courage” ever an adjective. ‘Courageous’ is the correct adjectival form.

  • Alexa

    @manjoguy: could you possibly be any more of an idiot? Obama is not even close to being a socialist, anyone who thinks he is obviously does not know what socialism is.

  • JosephHill


    It just goes to show how very provincial–and DISinformed–Americans can be. They jump to ‘conclusions’ without doing the hard work of actually thinking. I ONLY wish Obama were a genuine socialist…it’s what the People want…if they only knew it.

  • Freddie27

    @manjoguy: Ah the stupid it burns! ‘016? I think you mean just ’16. Firstly, Trevor Loudon is from New Zealand, yet somehow is an expert on the President of the US. Secondly, he’s a Tea Party hack. He, like many others, earns his money ripping off conservative dullards like you with some hysterical, conspiratorial book about Obama being a Kenyan Muslim Communist planning to take over the world.

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