Joe Biden Officiates Gay Wedding For Cute Whitehouse Staffers

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Awww isn’t this sweet? Joe Biden gave his blessing to two nice young boys who work together at the White House and fell in love.

Their names are Brian Mosteller and Joe Mahshie, and it seems to be the first time Joe’s ever officiated a wedding. He made it a good one, though, looking happily on as the men exchanged rings at the Biden home on Monday. The two guys specifically asked him to officiate, so Joe rolled up his sleeves, tracked down a license (from a DC office, not one of those online ones) and did the deed.

Brian is the director of Oval Office operations, and his job is basically knowing what Obama wants before Obama knows it himself. Joe coordinates Michelle’s travel. They both seem like absolute peaches and you wish you were friends with them.

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If you’ve been following the progress of marriage equality, Biden basically announced that the administration supported same-sex marriage a little before he was supposed to: in an interview, he shrugged his shoulders and essentially said it was no big deal. That was a little premature, since Obama hadn’t said anything about it yet, so it caused a bit of Capitol Hill scurrying to clarify exactly what’s going on.

And in the words of Biden’s wife, “love is love.” She tweeted that message a little after Brian and Joe were married, and we couldn’t agree more. Many happy wishes to the lucky fellows. Don’t take too long of a honeymoon, though — someone has to ensure that Michelle can travel around the country for more delightful appearances.

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